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Hit Locations

When your character strikes an opponent in combat you may want to know precisely where the attack lands. To determine the "hit location," you simply roll dice and refer to the Hit Location Table, below. The exact combination of dice rolled depends on the kind of weapon used in the attack, if any. Consult the list below.

Attack made with... Roll
Hands, foot/leg, or Short weapon 2d6+1
Medium or Long weapon 3d6

Random Hit Location Table

Roll Location Effect
3-4 Head 2x damage**
5 Neck 1½x damage**
6 Hand* ½ damage**
7-8 Shoulder* ½ damage**
9 Arm* ½ damage**
10-11 Chest/torso  
12 Stomach(lower back)  
13 Vital organ 1½x damage**
14-15 Thigh* ½ damage**
16-17 Calf/lower leg* ½ damage**
18 Foot* ½ damage**

* Roll 1d6; 1-3 = left, 4-6 = right.

** After subtracting points for any armor

Targeting Specific Locations

If your character wants to attack a specific part of the opponent, you can use one of the two optional rules below.

Option 1: Aimed Shot Modifiers

Ignore the Random Hit Location Table, above. Apply the listed TN modifier to the TN for the attack roll. If the attack is successful, the character automatically hits the intended location; roll the damage for the attack as normal.

Targeted location Modifier Effect
Head -4 2x damage
Neck -6 1½x damage
Shoulder/arm -2 ½ damage
Hand -3 ½ damage
Chest/torso -1  
Stomach (lower back) -4  
Vital organ -6 1½x damage
Thigh -2 ½ damage
Calf/lower leg -4 ½ damage
Foot -3 ½ damage

Option 2: Adjusting the Location

Once hit location is determined using the Random Hit Location Table, the character may still "move" the location. For every 2 points of effect number, the player may move the hit location up or down one location on the table (player's choice).

Fred is playing in a Wild West game. His character, Little Ironfinger, fires his bow at a U.S. Army soldier who is attacking his village. Fred must make a Simple Missile Weapons (Bows) skill roll against a TN 18. Fred rolls the dice and gets a total of 23, an effect number of 5. Fred rolls 3d6 for the hit location and gets a 14 -- thigh. Because his effect number is 5, Fred can adjust the hit location by two levels. Fred could move the hit location down two steps to "Foot," but he doesn't think this is a good idea. So Fred decides to move the hit location up two levels to "Stomach." His character, Little Ironfinger, has hit the soldier in the stomach with an arrow. Fred then rolls the damage for the attack.