SRD Monster Notes

These are notes on the XML/MySql version of the SRD monster stats. There are a number of fixes and changes compared to the MM and the draft SRD.



Simple are creatures with no subcategories, whose stats appear as normal HTML lines, usually with a <br> tag at the end of each line in the statblock.

Aboleth           GibberingMouther  PhaseSpider       
Achaierai         Girallon          Phasm
Allip             Gnoll             Pseudodragon
Ankheg            Gnome             PurpleWorm
Aranea            Goblin            Rakshasa
AssassinVine      Gorgon            Rast
Athach            GrayRender        Ravid
Azer              Grick             Remorhaz
Basilisk          Griffon           Roc
Behir             Grimlock          Roper
Beholder          Halfling          RustMonster
Belker            Harpy             Sahuagin
BlinkDog          HellHound         Satyr
Bodak             Hippogriff        SeaLion
Bugbear           Hobgoblin         Shadow
Bulette           Homunculus        ShadowMastiff
CarrionCrawler    Howler            ShamblingMound
Centaur           InvisibleStalker  ShieldGuardian
ChaosBeast        Kobold            ShockerLizard
Chimera           Kraken            Skum
Choker            Krenshar          Spectre
Chuul             KuoToa            SpiderEater
Cloaker           Lamia             Stirge
Cockatrice        Lammasu           Tarrasque
Couatl            Lillend           Tendriculos
Darkmantle        Lizardfolk        Thoqqua
Delver            Locathah          Titan
Destrachan        Magmin            Treant
Devourer          Manticore         Triton
Digester          Medusa            Troglodyte
DisplacerBeast    Merfolk           Troll
Doppelganger      Mimic             UmberHulk
DragonTurtle      MindFlayer        Unicorn
Dragonne          Minotaur          VampireSpawn
Drider            Mohrg             Vargouille
Dryad             Mummy             Wight
EtherealFilcher   NightHag          Willowisp
EtherealMarauder  Nightmare         WinterWolf
Ettercap          Nymph             Worg
Ettin             Orc               Wraith
FrostWorm         Otyugh            Wyvern
Gargoyle          Owlbear           Xill
GiantEagle        Pegasus           YethHound
GiantOwl          PhantomFungus     Yrthak


Multi are creatures with a set of multiple types (such as Demon, Giant, etc.). In the draft SRD, these have their stats appear and <pre> blocks in columns. Moreover, there were a number of places where the tabbing was faulty in rendering the columns. I tried to correct these errors where I found them. I added by hand a few &nbsp; tags to the columns in cases where there were supposed to be empty spots (usually in skill lists).

AnimatedObject            Ghoul_Lacedon
Arrowhawk                 Giant
Barghest                  Giant_CloudGiant
Celestial                 Giant_FireGiant
Celestial_AstralDeva      Giant_FrostGiant
Celestial_Avoral          Giant_StoneGiant
Celestial_Ghaele          Giant_StormGiant
Celestial_HoundArchon     Golem
Celestial_LanternArchon   Golem_ClayGolem
Celestial_Planetar        Golem_FleshGolem
Celestial_Solar           Golem_IronGolem
Celestial_TrumpetArchon   Golem_StoneGolem
Demon                     Hag
Demon_Balor               Hag_Annis
Demon_Bebilith            Hag_GreenHag
Demon_Dretch              Hag_SeaHag
Demon_Glabrezu            Mephit
Demon_Hezrou              Mephit_AirMephit
Demon_Marilith            Mephit_DustMephit
Demon_Nalfeshnee          Mephit_EarthMephit
Demon_Quasit              Mephit_FireMephit
Demon_Retriever           Mephit_IceMephit
Demon_Succubus            Mephit_MagmaMephit
Demon_Vrock               Mephit_OozeMephit
Devil                     Mephit_SaltMephit
Devil_Barbazu             Mephit_SteamMephit
Devil_Cornugon            Mephit_WaterMephit
Devil_Erinyes             Naga
Devil_Gelugon             Naga_DarkNaga
Devil_Hamatula            Naga_GuardianNaga
Devil_Hellcat             Naga_SpiritNaga
Devil_Imp                 Naga_WaterNaga
Devil_Kyton               Nightshade
Devil_Lemure              Nightshade_Nightcrawler
Devil_Osyluth             Nightshade_Nightwalker
Devil_PitFiend            Nightshade_Nightwing
Dinosaur                  Ogre
Dinosaur_Deinonychus      Ogre_MerrowAquaticOgre
Dinosaur_Triceratops      Ogre_OgreMage
Dinosaur_Tyrannosaurus    Ooze
DireAnimal                Ooze_BlackPudding
DireAnimal_DireApe        Ooze_GelatinousCube
DireAnimal_DireBadger     Ooze_GrayOoze
DireAnimal_DireBat        Ooze_OchreJelly
DireAnimal_DireBear       Planetouched
DireAnimal_DireBoar       Planetouched_Aasimar
DireAnimal_DireLion       Planetouched_Tiefling
DireAnimal_DireRat        Salamander
DireAnimal_DireShark      Skeleton
DireAnimal_DireTiger      Slaad
DireAnimal_DireWeasel     Slaad_BlueSlaad
DireAnimal_DireWolf       Slaad_DeathSlaad
DireAnimal_DireWolverine  Slaad_GraySlaad
Formian                   Slaad_GreenSlaad
Formian_Myrmarch          Slaad_RedSlaad
Formian_Queen             Slaad_VariantSlaadi
Formian_Taskmaster        Sphinx
Formian_Warrior           Sphinx_Androsphinx
Formian_Worker            Sphinx_Criosphinx
Fungus                    Sphinx_Gynosphinx
Fungus_Shrieker           Sphinx_Hieracosphinx
Fungus_VioletFungus       Sprite
Genie                     Sprite_Grig
Genie_Djinni              Sprite_Nixie
Genie_Efreeti             Sprite_Pixie
Genie_Janni               Xorn
Genie_NobleDjinn          Yuanti
Ghoul                     Yuanti_Abomination
Ghoul_Ghast               Zombie

These were special cases of multi which required some hand editting.

Dwarf                       Elf
Elemental                   Hydra
Elemental_AirElemental      Hydra_Cryohydra
Elemental_EarthElemental    Hydra_LernaeanHydra
Elemental_FireElemental     Hydra_Pyrohydra


Short are monster types with very short entries -- namely Animals and Vermin. These have stat blocks very similar to multi, but they could not as easily be broken up into files and required some hand editting to account for information contained in tables.


Dragons are another special case, because they have varying stats based on both age and color. None of the dragons have the usual stat block format. Instead there are a bunch of tables which show size and other abilities as a function of age, and other general tables which show attacks, face/reach, and so forth as a function of size. These were complicated enough to warrant their own parser. A special parser looked at all the combined information, plus some hand editting was also required.

Dragon               Dragon_GoldDragon
Dragon_BlackDragon   Dragon_GreenDragon
Dragon_BlueDragon    Dragon_RedDragon
Dragon_BrassDragon   Dragon_SilverDragon
Dragon_BronzeDragon  Dragon_WhiteDragon

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