Serenity LARP: "Stagecoach"


5 hours duration - 1 hour for setup and characters


In the period just a few weeks after the movie Serenity, pressure mounts for the Allied military to deal with the Reaver problem. As Reaver territories are broken up, however, there is some chaos as fleeing Reaver ships flee into other parts of the system.

Some ships have simply shut down operations at the first sign of Reaver presence. However, the Coronado is a top-of-the-line small ship operated by the Companions Guild. It is one of the fastest ships around and is discretely but powerfully armed for its size. It has opted to continue its run from Umbriel through the minor planetoid at Jiangyin and on to the mining colony at Regina.

At Jiangyin, it rendezvoused with an Alliance military cruiser. The Alliance respectfully asked that it help transport Major Sanchez and his guests on to Regina, where he will be meeting his family.

From Jiangyin to Regina should be just two hours.


Major Sanchez's family are all dead. Terry had married Sanchez, but they later divorced and to get away Terry moved to the newly established colony on Miranda. Having followed the cleanup operation on Miranda, Sanchez presumes (correctly) that Terry became a Reaver. Two days ago, Sanchez received a confidential message that their only son just died on Regina of complications following a drug overdose.

Saying that the son was sick, Sanchez begged emergency leave -- intent on ending his/her own life by being reunited with Terry. He/she plans to sabotage the Coronado and draw the Reavers in.

Sanchez is escorting a prisoner, Yong Lau, a youth just released from prison. Lau is intent on revenge upon a crime figure in Regina, who had framed Lau for murder at the tender age of 18. Now released twelve years later, Lau is intent on revenge.

Event Timeline

  1. ~15 minutes in: Diagnose Dr. Collins as sick with brain virus
  2. ~30 minutes in: Sabotage to ship kicks in
  3. ~2 hours in: Chance to stop at asteroid base
    Regardless of choice, they narrowly avoid Reavers. If they stop, the Reavers pass by not noticing them, but turn around when they leave. If they go on, it was a trap and Reavers pursue them.
  4. ~3 hours in: Arrive at Regina


Cpn. Granger (Goal-oriented, Dark, Simple)
Goals: Revenge on Sanchez; Protect ship & crew; Bring to Regina on schedule
Was married to Jordan
Maj. Cameron Sanchez (Goal-oriented, Dark, Complex)
Goals: Reveal everyone's unforgiveable sins; Be killed by Reavers
Was married to Terry
Jrn. Kerry Shepis (Goal-oriented, Light, Complex)
Goals: Complete scheme to help C.J. with Sanchez's help
Yong Lau (Goal-oriented, Light, Complex)
Goals: Escape custody; Ensure revenge on the crime lord Niska
Lin Chang (Goal-oriented, Light, Simple)
Goals: Protect ship; Punish those that damage it
Dr. Alexis Collins (Emotion-oriented, Dark, Complex)
Goals: Discover a cure; Treat the passengers and crew
Finds self infected by a brain virus; will have delusion (partly real) that this is enhancing intuition.
C.J. McLaury (Emotion-oriented, Dark, Complex)
Goals: Prove self to the Guild
Secretly a disgraced student Companion who tried to kill herself; officially is being escorted for treatment.
Jamie Holloway (Emotion-oriented, Light, Simple)
Goals: Help Cap. Granger
Cpl. Casey Hatfield (Emotion-oriented, Light, Complex)
Goals: Win Shepis' love; Protect the ship and Guild interests
Pilot, should have special info on Reaver threats.
Leslie "Doc" Boone (Emotion-oriented, Dark, Simple)
Goals: Survive; Avoid disaster
May be needed to save Dr. Collins.


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