C.J. McLaury
E  D  C Age  18

Apparent Identity: Companion's Guild Student

Real Identity: Expelled, Distraught Wreck

Background: All your life you wanted to be a Companion. Two years ago, you got your wish and started training at the new border world training house on Umbriel. You were head of the class for a time, but your eagerness got ahead of you, and you started "practicing" in secret when you went out to town. Two weeks ago you were discovered and summarily expelled, and the next day tried to kill yourself. Journeyman Shepis was passing through when they found you, and has taken you along, promising to set you up somehow. You are worried, though, that Shepis may just be stringing you along to avoid a scandal to the Guild.

Goals: Redeem yourself in to the Companion's Guild, or
Find another way to become a Companion, or
Kill yourself with as little pain as possible


Ability Type Uses Req. FL Rank Notes
Gen. Physical Phys. - (3-5) 0 Physical actions not otherwise covered
Empathy Emo. x3 (3-5) 4 Detect if someone has lied in the past two minutes
Plead Emo. x2 (4-5) 3 Convince someone to help you in a specific way
Physical 2
Emotional 0
Social 3