Major Cameron Sanchez
G  D  C Age  50

Identity: Alliance Military Officer

Background: You are a major of the Alliance ground forces in the midst of a suicidal depression. At one time, you had been a model officer, married to a wonderful spouse Terry and a budding son Roger. You earned medals for your performance in the Battle of Serenity Valley despite charges of your barbarity. However, Terry divorced you and to get away, signed up for the colony on Miranda and was never heard from again. You continued your career and raised Roger on your own, but he became estranged from you during college, and you haven't spoken since. A few months ago you got the full story on what had happened on Miranda. It was all your fault. Two days ago, you confidentially received word that your son Roger had died on Regina of a drug overdose. You told high command that he was merely sick, and were granted leave to see him -- though you were asked to escort to prisoners on your way.

You intend to end your life by joining Terry among the Reavers. You sabotaged the engines during an official inspection -- programming the computer to overload and burn out a vital coupling, while also signalling the Reavers of your course. You covered for this by scheming with the journeyman Companion to give the student C.J. a new identity on Regina. You tried to slip a deadly brain virus into their food during their stop on Jiangyin, but only managed to affect the doctor.

Goals: Expose the sins of the others, to justify their deaths
Die by the hands of Reavers


Ability Type Uses Req. FL Rank Notes
Gen. Physical Phys. - (3-5) 0 Physical actions not otherwise covered
Weapons Phys. - (3-5) 4 Shoot someone with a weapon
Intimidate Emo. - (3-5) 3 Terrify someone when armed
Physical 3
Emotional 1
Social 3




Military-issue pistol
Restrainer control