Journeyman Kerry Shepis
G  L  C Age  27

Identity: Journeyman Companion and Second-in-command

Background: You are a journeyman in the Companion's Guild, second-in-command to Captain Granger of the vessel which it operates, the Coronado. You are an active Companion, and used to all the privileges and influence that come with your position. While you were stopped at a Companion training house on Umbriel, a promising student was expelled for illicitly seeing clients off grounds. The student, C.J., attempted suicide after this. C.J. reminded you of yourself at that age, and you promised that you would help somehow. Today you found how. Major Sanchez has agreed to set C.J. up with a new identity on Regina for a modest bribe (and possibly an appointment with you). C.J. could then re-apply for training in a year or so. Sanchez made some calls to Regina from the ship that you erased the records of.

Goals: Uphold the interests of the Companions Guild
Avoid exposing your illegal deal
Help C.J. find a new life


Ability Type Uses Req. FL Rank Notes
Gen. Physical Phys. - (3-5) 2 Physical actions not otherwise covered
Weapons Phys. - (3-5) 2 Shoot someone with a weapon
Persuasion Soc. - (2-5) 3 Convince someone to accept a reasonable offer
Physical 1
Emotional 3
Social 4


Has access codes for all terminals


Laser Derringer