Jamie Holloway
E  L  S Age  40

Apparent Identity: Gambler and Ne'er-do-Well

Real Identity: Former Browncoat Lieutenant

Background: You were an officer and a gentleman, proudly serving as lieutenant to Jordan Granger in the fight for independence. All that changed in the dark days of Serenity Valley. Your commander was killed in a barbaric last push by the Alliance, your side ultimately lost, your rank stripped, and your fortunes destroyed. You turned to gambling to make ends meet. Since then, you have accepted help from Captain Granger -- Jordan's spouse, a former Companion and now captain of a Guild ship. Captain Granger represents all the ideals that you looked up to, and you are fiercely loyal.

Goals: Support Captain Granger
Uphold the honor of the browncoats


Ability Type Uses Req. FL Rank Notes
Gen. Physical Phys. - (3-5) 2 Physical actions not otherwise covered
Fighting Phys. - (3-5) 3 Attack someone with or without a weapon
Detect Lie/Bluff Soc. x4 (2-5) 3 Tell whether someone has lied/deceived in the last 2 minutes conversation
Physical 2
Emotional 4
Social 2