Leslie "Doc" Boone
E  D  S Age  42

Identity: Alcoholic Doctor

Background: You have a real problem. You were an ordinary but skilled country doctor, looking after the folk on Jiangyin. For a long time, you were able to keep your drinking hidden. However, over the last year it got worse, and then a boy got really hurt in a tractor, and he died under your drunken fingers. His family were ready to lynch you when the Alliance took you into custody for criminal negligence charges. Only Major Sanchez, who promised to be discrete, knows what you've done. You are prepared to give another story for your arrest to the others.

Goals: Survive this mess without any disasters
Avoid taking responsibility


Ability Type Uses Req. FL Rank Notes
Gen. Physical Phys. - (3-5) 2 Physical actions not otherwise covered
Sedate Phys. - (3-5) 3 Sedate someone with hypo from med kit (to min FL2)
Diagnose Soc. - (4-5) 2 Identify mental or physical problems
Operate - - (5) 3 Treat lost FLs from injury, resist with FLs lost
Physical 2
Emotional 2
Social 0


For you, each full drink restores 1 FL, and gives +1 Social Resist but -1 to all actions for 1 hour


Restraining shackle