Dr. Alexis Collins
E  D  C Age  33

Apparent Identity: Genius Guild Doctor

Real Identity: Unstable schizophrenic

Background: You grew up in a boring, privileged life of the Inner Worlds and eventually graduated top of your medical school class. Based on this, the Companion's Guild hired you -- and you quickly came to appreciate all the frills and perks that come with a guild job. However, all of that is suddenly unravelling. Perhaps because of a drug or other influence, you are in the process of going insane. You are having blackouts, unable to remember what you do from one moment to the next, and different sides of your personality may be taking hold. However, you are amazed at some of the insights that this state is leading you to.

Goals: Follow the insights that your condition is
Fulfill your duties as doctor to the crew
Discover a cure for your condition


Ability Type Uses Req. FL Rank Notes
Gen. Physical Phys. - (3-5) 1 Physical actions not otherwise covered
Sedate Phys. - (3-5) 3 Sedate someone with hypo from med kit (to min FL2)
Diagnose Soc. - (4-5) 3 Identify mental or physical problems
Operate - - (5) 3 Treat lost FLs from injury, resist with FLs lost
Physical 1
Emotional 2
Social 4


Random insights will be given by the Director
You may request these at any time


Medical Kit