My Life With Master: Roszakabad

We begin by recapping previous events, and reviewing the current situation: Albertine with her father who is electrically draining the will out of the ranking soldier's brain. Felix is with his aunt Beatrice in his house, not realizing that at that very moment Therese is lurking outside in the darkness, her cat eyes flashing with dark intent.

(Bill): Felix knows that the Master will try to get Aunt Beatrice again, so he persuades her to hide in the cellar and gives her the old blunderbuss of her late husband, telling her to aim it at the door. He makes an overture and gains a point of love. He then leaves to find someone to assure her safety.

(Cyn): Therese waits until Felix leaves, then stalks into the house. She searches all the hiding places in the house in a fury, then is about to open the cellar door when Felix shows up again in the doorway, crying out for her to get away from the cellar door. (This was a Violence roll which resulted in a tie, thus she was interrupted before completing the task.)

(Liz): Dr. Charlus orders Albertine to draw the guests away from the spa during the day, as his experiments on the lieutenant are liable to make too much noise. (shudders) Albertine attempts to resist, citing her shame at her deformity, but fails.

(Bill): Standing furious at the doorway, Felix attacks Therese. He succeeds. It is nearing dawn, so after he beats Therese senseless she collapses and is unable to be roused. (This is her Less Than Human trait -- always asleep except at night.) He presumes her dead and with his aunt buries her body in a shallow grave in the cellar.

(Therese): Awakens in the cellar grave upon nightfall, and goes to her grandfather the miller. She tells him about the soldiers, leading him to believe that they were the ones who had beaten her. Her grandfather is enraged and tells her to stay in the mill why he arranges a lynch mob.

NOTE: This was unusual in that it broke the timeline of events. Since Therese was required to sleep until nightfall, her turn had to happen then. But this meant that her story was now many hours later than everyone else's.

(Liz): Albertine attempts to lure the Baron away from the spa for a picnic breakfast, desperately making up lies about how the mountain airs are actually a part of the doctor's cure. She succeeds and gains a point of self-loathing.

(Bill): Felix goes to the monastery, where he talks to Father Boniface, spilling the beans on all the evils which Dr. Charlus has been responsible for and pleading forgiveness for the murder of Therese. He succeeds in his overture and gains a point of love. Father Boniface believes his story, and tells him to meditate on his crimes while he sends Brother Ambrose to fetch the body for Christian burial.

(Cyn): Cutting ahead to that evening, Therese is in the mill when Brother Ambrose suddenly bursts in, covered in blood, and collapses on the floor. She awakens him, and he looks at her in wonder thinking that they are both dead. When she denies this, he quotes Meister Eckhart to her, but eventually she persuades him that he is alive with a kiss. She succeeds in an overture and gains a point of love.

(Liz): Albertine lures the Baron away from his family, telling him about about how the cure involves electrically draining the animal vitality of rude villagers. She hopes to influence not to choose the refined Brother Ambrose this way. The Baron, however, is excited by her talk of animal spirits and begins to grope her when they are interrupted by four soldiers who walk in on them. She had succeeded in her overture, and gains a point of love.

(Bill): Later that day, Brother Ambrose still has not returned. Father Boniface, however, demands that Felix come with him to the spa to confront Dr. Charlus. At the doorway, however, the French lieutenant is there and (sapped of his will) he keeps them away like an automaton. Felix slips past him unnoticed and brains him on the back of the head while he is standing in the doorway. He succeeds in his Violence roll by an enormous margin, and so gains a point of self-loathing. Boniface checks and announces that the lieutenant is dead.

(Cyn): Again cutting ahead in time to that night, Brother Ambrose tells Therese that horrible events are going on in the town, and that he must get her away. He hints only vaguely at what is going on, but Therese hears the sound of gunshots. They flee into the woods, meeting a challenge only when they have to cross the fast-running stream. This scene ends without a roll.

(Liz): The soldiers tell the Baron that the lieutenant has been missing since last night. The Baron makes excuses for his groping of the doctor's daughter. Albertine persuades him to leave the soldiers with his family while the sergeant, himself, and her go back to the spa. They arrive at the spa only to see Boniface standing bloody-handed over the lieutenant's body at the doorway.

(Bill): Felix pleads desperately with Father Boniface to run with him, though he is stunned at the event. However, Felix makes a successful overture, gaining a point of love, and the Father goes with him and barricades the door against the Baron. They rush further inside to confront Dr. Charlus.

(Cyn): After making their way past the river, Therese and Ambrose meet her grandfather Georg in the woods with a lynch mob. Georg tells them that they are going to hunt down "that monster", and they join them. Therese makes an overture to Georg and I think succeeds, gaining a point of love.

(Liz): The Baron and the sergeant are shocked and chase after the priest who apparently killed the lieutenant. Albertine clings to the Baron and tries to make explanations to him at the death of the lieutenant. She attempts an overture but fails, gaining a point of love and a point of self-loathing. The Baron breaks into the spa and heads off in search of the doctor.

(Bill): Felix shows up in the laboratory, where Dr. Charlus has his Aunt Beatrice wired up to the baths -- the leads horribly sinking into her naked flesh. He cries in frustration when Felix shows up with the Father, saying that he will ruin everything. He orders Felix to kill the Father. However, Felix resists -- triggering the Endgame. Felix retorts to the doctor, "You tried to make me a mouse, but I am a man!!" The doctor attempts to run through a secret door in the back of his lab.


(Cyn): A scene of violence, where the French soldiers show up and confront the townspeople in the forest. They attempt to hit Georg when he argues with them, and Therese attempts to stop him. However, she fails her Violence roll and is captured.

(Liz): Runs with the Baron onto the scene in the lab. The Baron is horrified, and turns his anger onto Albertine whom he accuses of trying to lure him into this pit of depravity. She attempts to convince him otherwise, but he hits her across the face. She succeeds in a Violence roll where she tries only to escape. Liz narrates that she breaks loose several wires in an attempt to cover her escape, which shower sparks over the chemicals in the lab, causing them to burst into flame.

(Bill): In a scene specified by Bill, Felix catches up to the Master in a cave at the end of the secret tunnel. He attacks him with the bloody club that he used to kill the lieutenant. However, he fails his Violence roll miserably. The Master laughs at the mouse, and tosses him aside after a beating and escapes into the woods. He gains a point of Weariness.

(Cyn): In a scene specified by Cyn, Therese uses her More Than Human agility to escape and lure off the soldiers who were also guarding Brother Ambrose. No roll was required.

(Liz): In a scene specified by Liz, Albertine finds Dr. Charlus in the woods and attacks him using an electrified prong from his experiments. She loses, gaining a point of Weariness, and is captured. Her father ties her to a tree, saying hurtfully that she may tempt the soldiers into slowing their pursuit.

(Bill): Felix meets up with the lynch mob and explains to them that Dr. Charlus is the key. He leads them in at attempt to defeat the Master. They cut off the pass, but Felix sees the Master escaping as he climbs over the mountain. He attempts to stop him, but again is defeated and cannot climb the slope to reach the hated Having failed the roll, he again gains a point of Weariness. In the background, the spa is burning, and everyone hears thunder behind them and see strange lightning strikes which look like they are going up instead of down.

(Cyn): Therese leaps high into the mountains to confront Dr. Charlus. From a ledge below, Felix throws a rock which distracts him. Albertine calls out from a distance to break the wire which leads to the electrical prong he is using. She does so and the doctor electrifies himself, then tumbles over the cliff. He plummets to the Earth looking like a falling meteor.


Felix is killed, falling from the cliffs as he is trapped up there.

Therese integrates herself back into the society of townspeople. Ambrose leaves the monastery (being only a novice), and marries her.

Albertine destroys herself, throwing herself off of a cliff to the sound of the wedding bells.

Starting Stats:
Felix (Bill): SL5/W3 ; Love 1 (aunt) + 1 (Baron)
Albertine (Liz): SL5/W0; Love 1 (Ambrose) + 1 (Marcel)
Terese (Cynthia): SL1/W3; Love 1 (Wolfgang) + 1 (cook)

Ending Stats:
Felix (Bill): SL7/W3; Love 2 (aunt) + 1 (Baron) + 2 (Boniface)
Albertine (Liz): SL7/W1; Love 1 (Ambrose) + 1 (Marcel) + 2 (Baron)
Terese (Cynthia): SL1/W4; Love 1 (Wolfgang) + 1 (cook) + 2 (Georg) + 1 (Ambrose)

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