My Life With Master: Roszakabad

(Liz): Dr. Charlus and his daughter Albertine are coming back from the monastery. The doctor orders Albertine to bring him the young monk, Ambrose. Albertine objects "But Father! My reputation! and his!" Charlus replies, "That should be useful to us." Albertine loses her resistance and must follow her father's command.

(Bill): Visitors are coming through the pass. Felix spies, sees that they are a high ranking Frenchman and his family accompanied by many soldiers. Since his More Than Human is to be unnoticed, this is automatic. He tells the cook, Pyutz of this.

(Cyn): Therese awakens at nightfall. Dr. Charlus orders her to look after the visitors and to get supplies from the village. Her uncle the butcher has just closed up shop and doesn't want to open as he thinks of her as lazy -- but she wins a roll and he has to help her. She gains a point of love.

(Liz): Albertine spends time with Ambrose at the hives near the monastery, but fails to persuade Ambrose to come to the sanatorium in the morning to give her honey to help her unfortunate throat condition. He is attracted to her but true to his vows and also repulsed by her horrible whispering voice. Albertine gains a point of self-loathing and a point of love.

(Bill): The Master asks Felix to engineer a meeting alone with the young son of the visiting Baron. He lures the young boy away from his parents to Dr. Charlus's study, and gains a point of self-loathing for Villainy.

(Cyn): After having collected the food for the feast, Therese sees some rough foreign soldiers who are pounding on the door of the tavern demanding to be let in, threatening trouble for the owner. She flees the area by leaping away. (This is automatic, so there is no roll.)

(Liz): Albertine gives peppermints to the boy Marcel and pats his head. She gains a point of love.

(Bill): The Master comes into the study and cunningly befriends young Marcel. He weasels information out of him about the Baron. He then forces Felix to go apologize to the Baron for losing the boy and taking the blame. Albertine pops up and says something in his support (Liz assisting Bill's roll). The Baron at first thinks Felix should be give a dozen lashes for his negligence but then admits things are different in the country. (Felix attempts a overture to the Baron, and succeeds, gaining a point of love.)

(Cyn): Therese gets back to the spa with supplies for the feast. Dr. Charlus reveals to her that he has a new plan, but he must have a test subject. He orders Therese to bring Felix's Aunt Beatrice the cat lady, as she is someone who will not be missed. Felix shows up and hears about this, and Bill aids her roll to resist. However, she fails anyway.

(Liz): Albertine attends the feast for the doctor's new guests. At dinner, Dr. Charlus impresses the Baron with knowledge weaseled from young Marcel. On her own initiative, Albertine slips off into the night after dinner to lure a soldier back, hoping to spare Ambrose a terrible fate.

(Bill): Felix visits his Aunt Beatrice and spontaneously persuades her to come back to the sanatorium with him to rescue some orphaned newborn kittens. She is skeptical of his story, but he succeeds in Villainy against NPC -- and gains a point of self-loathing.

(Cyn): Therese meets them and helps bring Beatrice to the Master. The master orders her to strap Beatrice into the baths. She fails the roll and is stabbed by Aunt Beatrice's sharp knitting needles! (She gains a point of Weariness.) Beatrice runs off into the forest.

(Liz): Albertine shows up at the Blue Boar tavern which is full of roistering ruffianly soldiers who fight over her, and faints wordlessly. She is carried home by the ranking officer, whom she intends to offer to her father instead of the good novice Ambrose.

(Bill): Felix finds his aunt in the woods and leads her home after a tense confrontation where he reveals the horror of the Doctor to her. He gains a point of love.

(Cyn): The master orders Terese to go get Beatrice back or kill her in some non-obvious way! Cyn loses the roll, and thus Therese follows his orders.

(Liz): Albertine persuades her father Dr. Charlus to use the soldier instead of Ambrose. (Resolved as Villainy.) Dr. Charlus plans to try a new experiment to suck only the will out of the brain of the hapless victim. They strip him naked and strap him in. Albertine suggests to her father that with the will of this excellent, vigorous, manly soldier, and her attractiveness, she could lead armies at her father's command! "I will be a second Joan of Arc, and you will be my God!" She loses the roll and her father takes the life force of the soldier.

Starting Stats:
Felix (Bill): SL2/W1 ; Love 0
Albertine (Liz): SL3/W0; Love 0
Terese (Cynthia): SL1/W2; Love 0

Ending Stats:
Felix (Bill): SL5/W1 ; Love 1 (aunt) + 1 (Baron)
Albertine (Liz): SL5/W0; Love 1 (Ambrose) + 1 (Marcel)
Terese (Cynthia): SL1/W3; Love 1 (Wolfgang) + 1 (cook)

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