My Life With Master: Roszakabad

         The year was 1805, the place, Roszakabad, a village near a hot springs in the western Carpathian mountains. It is a small mountain village with only a single pass out of the valley. The locals have their fields and sheep and goats which wander up the slopes among the clear mountain streams.

The Master: Dr. Charlus, French/German physician and natural philosopher. He runs a sanitorium in this remote mountain village where rich people come to take "the cure" in special mud baths with galvanic wires and icky-looking straps and tubes and restraints. Charlus is handsome, with wild, mesmeric eyes. He looks a lot younger than he should.

Aspect: Brain
Type: Feeder
Want: To be reinstated in the Berlin Academy, which kicked him out
Need: Young, lively villagers so he can suck the vital electricity out of them
Fear: 3
Reason: 4


Felix: (played by Bill)
Felix is a short, hairy man with a well-trimmed mustache. Unwilling to spend human electricity on his minions, Dr. Charlus has experimented empowering him with electricity from the bodies of trapped mice. His contacts are:

Albertine: (played by Liz)
Albertine is the illegitimate daughter of Dr. Charlus, who has grown dependant on drawing the life-force of others.

Terese (played by Cynthia)
A woman who has been infused with electricity drawn from many cat bodies. She now shuts down completely during the day and can only be active at night.

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