More Than Human

(often aids the Master's needs)

``Can heal the sick with the power of his mind, except not animals.''
``Can sneak or hide anywhere, except if distracted by food.''
``Can intimidate anyone when not intimidated by the sun.''
``Can not speak unless a bell is rung in his presence''
``Can craft chemical formulae that defy laws of nature and physics, except if he's actually helping someone.''
``Can lie convincingly except to Connections.''
``Can move undetected through shadows, except when seen by a child.''
``Can kill anyone except those who bear him no ill-will.''
``Can terrify anyone except if the target is in the grip of passion.''
``Plays alluringly beautiful music except when being watched.''
``Can surprise anyone, except in the presence of animals.''
``Can persuade anyone of anything, except in a crowd.''

Less Than Human

(often complicates making Connections)

``Is nourished only by the blood of animals, except if fed by a child.''
``Is mute, except when singing hymns.''
``Walks with an uncontrollable limp, except when swinging from the ropes and rafters of the belfry.''
``Cannot tell a lie, except between midnight and 2:00 a.m.''
``Repulsively ugly, except in the moonlight.''
``Can't speak unless spoken to.''
``Is utterly charming, except to children.''
``Cannot speak unless he is unseen.''
``Is hampered by an uncontrollable stutter, except when in the presence of something dead.''
``Can not harm a human being, except when harming himself as well.''

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