Burning Wheel character, played by Daniel Elenius


Kalrun was born in Tashal, the son of a [lower class craftsman]. His family is of Jarin descent, and his parents frequently took him to the Ilviran temple in Tashal. 

Kalrun showed neither talent nor inclination for this craft, but he managed to get work as a city guard, which was a good break for his family. He became bored, however, and furthermore wished to escape an arranged marriage with an ugly daughter of a [higher class of craftsman].

Kalrun wanted to make a difference, to see the world, and to experience great new things. He felt that joining the army would be a way to achieve these goals. Due to his previous experience in the city guard, he was quickly appointed sergeant, and served mainly in the Kath-dominated wilderness west of Tashal.

As the years went past, Kalrun became a hardened veteran of the constant skirmishes with the Kath. In one particularly bloody battle, Kalrun led his men into a Kath ambush. Many of his men were killed or wounded, but Kalrun turned defeat into victory by single-handedly killed a dozen Kath warriors. After the battle proper, Kalrun and his men were crazed by rage and a thirst for revenge. They raided and razed the Kath village that the warriors had come from, killing everyone in sight, women and children all. All but one – a young girl, Kara, who somehow enchanted Kalrun with her innocence. Kalrun managed to save her from the carnage.

The battle was to be a turning point in Kalrun's life. He developed quite a reputation for his role in it, but Kalrun would take no pride in it. After the battle and the ensuing massacre, Kalrun's commanding officer found him at the shore of the Kald, washing his hands over and over. Kalrun could not get the images of screaming, helpless women and children out of his mind, and tried vainly to clean himself from his sinful acts.

Kalrun was transferred to non-fighting duties, as a quartermaster, officially because of a knee injury he received in the aforementioned battle. Kalrun had much time to think in this line of work. He started seeing all the killing as meaningless, and started to hope for something better. He remembered the calm he had felt as a child when going to the Ilviran temple, and started a spiritual journey towards a renewed faith in the Creator. He would go to the temple in Tashal whenever he was off duty. He also arranged for the Kath girl to become an acolyte in the temple. Kalrun felt a fatherly responsibility towards her, and would visit her as often as he could. 

His renewed faith made Kalrun feel even more out of place in the military. Whatever religious conviction there was among his comrades was perverted into racist bloodlust, whereas the Ilviran priests taught peaceful, quiet reflection and, as Kalrun understood it, the brotherhood of every human as Ilvir's creation. Ironically, this experience made Kalrun rather intolerant against other religions.

As if through a miracle, Kalrun then met Brother Olrau. Olrau told Kalrun about his vision to build a temple in Coranan, and they both came to realize that there was a place for Kalrun in this. At first, Kalrun was hesitant to join as the “muscle” of the expedition, but Olrau explained that his mere presence could ward off many dangers. Olrau explained his beliefs to Kalrun, and it all made sense. Kalrun felt a deep connection with Brother Olrau, and came to trust his judgment on religious matters. Kalrun also insisted that the Kath girl come along on the expedition, so that he could keep an eye on her.

Physical Appearance

Current Situation

Although he keeps his sword and armor, Kalrun trusts his fists and physical presence to handle any threats.


City born

City guard





Human life is sacred – I will not kill, and I will stop killing where I can (work against the Pamesani games, executions, ...)

My purpose is to protect those near to me (goals: make sure the temple is defensible, establish a fighting-order, ...)

I must provide a good life for Kara. This will pay for some of my sins against her people. (Find a good man for her to marry...)


Always look for ambushes when outdoors.

Always get frustrated with non-Ilvirans – use Incite when in a duel-of-wits against them.

If someone draws a weapon near me, grab the nearest blunt object.


Light sleeper

Stubborn (+2D to body of argument when someone contravenes his beliefs)

Maimed (knee injury, +2 Ob to Speed tests)


Booming Voice


Age 36

Will 4 Per 4

Pow 4 Forte 4

Agl 4 Spd 3

Health 5

Steel 6

Ref 3

Mortal wound 10


Brawling 4

Intimidation 3

Drinking 2

Sword 4

Armor N/A

Command 3

Field Dressing 3

Administration 2

Haggling 2

Logistics 2

Soldier-wise 2

Soldiering 2

Campaign History 2

Tactics 2

Oratory 4


Arms, Chainmail, Clothes, Travelling gear, Field dressing kit


Brother Olrau



Chelmarch army – 1D


War hero – 2D

Circles 2

Resources 2


Rescued young Kath woman. (Not finished)

Life paths:

Peasant born

Temple acolyte

Age: 14

Will 4 Per 3

Pow 2 For 3

Agl 4 Spd 4


Doctrine 2

Bureaucracy 2

Read 1

Write 1

Temple-wise 1

Painting 3





Resource pts: 13