Judyn's Houses

Judyn is a rich merchant woman, representing her clan who are based in Kaldor but make their fortune trading horses (and a few other livestock and goods) from Kaldor for luxury items in Tharda. As part of her religious mission, she has officially passed on leading the clan to her cousin Cobart. However, she retains considerable wealth and clout. As a priestess of Ilvir, she is living relatively simply for her means. She has a home in Coranan, and the clan house in Kuseme. In both, she is hands-on in running things. She cooks for herself and her guests, with help.

The Clan House in Kuseme

The Kuseme house is largish but not especially fancy. However, it does have a full stable of up to 18 horses - probably averaging around 10-12, that depletes over the year. That isn't her full clan stock. They bring over a bunch from Kaldor in the spring, most of which are sold off within a few weeks during the summer. However, since they bought the Kuseme house ten years ago (Judyn's idea), they've been keeping a few good horses for special sale opportunities that come up through the year.

When the caravan comes into town in the spring, the Kuseme house is packed with clan people coming in and out -- though most camp out with the corral outside Kuseme. Year-round, there is a groom and two stablehands to watch after the horses. I'm picturing that the groom is a man of the Denach clan. He is a master of the Ostler's Guild -- I don't think we could maintain a large local stable without that. I picture he now has a Thardan wife and small family (two kids). Judyn is more specialized in buying, and is content to leave horse stuff to him. However, there probably is some tension. The stablehands are young locals looking to get into the guild. The Kuseme house has a year-round housekeeper, who is a free woman, a Jarin woman who was a child refugee of the failed rebellion 17 years ago. She may hire occasional local help (with my permission), and the groom's wife also helps, but no other permanent servants. When the clan isn't around, there are two local toughs who we pay to keep watch at night, but no full-time guards.

The Coranan House

The new city house will have: