Here are some additional links for other index sites which list Free RPGs. With over 400 free RPGs on my list here, most sites have far fewer links than mine, although they may still include some games that I have missed. Most sites only has occaisional descriptions of their free RPG links, whereas my entries always include page count and file format, author name(s), and at least a sentence or two of capsule description.

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The Free RPG Blog
A blog (established Fall 2008) with regular posts looking at new free RPGs.
1KM1KT (1000 monkeys 100 typewriters)
An extremely large collection of free rpg games online, including over 200 submissions to the "24 Hour RPG" project (i.e. RPGs written in under 24 hours) and over 100 submissions to the Game Chef contest (written in under 9 days).
The FreeRPG Ring [ Next | Random | List ]
Brandon Blackmoor's webring, with the usual submit form. 41 links as of July '05, with brief user-submitted descriptions.

Shadowrun's Free RPG Webring
69 sites as of 12/01.
Bob Hall's Fantasy Setting Reviews
A detailed look at fifty or so fantasy settings.

Jonathan Nichol's RPG Ratings
Jonathan has started to rate RPGs from my listings from one to four stars, plus a rating on artwork (None, Few, Some, Lots).

RPG Worlds in the Net
A collection of 300 imaginary worlds available on the net, including many AD&D worlds.
The Forge - Indie RPGs
A collection of links for "Indie RPGs": 58 links as of 9/01 plus 16 reviews.

Highland Games' List
102 listings as of 12/01.
Intergalactic Guide to Roleplaying: Amateur RPG
A French guide to RPGs, this lists 103 amateur RPGs (as of 1/02) complete with French-language descriptions.
German Free RPGs
A German organization of independent RPG authors. 57 sites as of 5/05.
Free Games and Doctor Who Fan Fiction
9 RPG links as of 7/02.
Xiang's Plattform für Freie Rollenspiele (in German)
40 sites as of 5/05.

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