Free RPG List: live-action


Assassin by Hector Rene' Segovia
Keywords: rules-lite live-action
Not really an RPG -- rather a version of the live-action party game, played over days. Players secretly try to kill their target by hitting with a NERF dart or other mock projectile. 10 pages (MSWord format).
The Fallen Barony: Live-Action Roleplaying Game
Keywords: genre fantasy rules-lite live-action
A live-action rules set, designed for play with "boffer" weaponry combined with other rules for character creation, skills, etc. ~15 pages rules (HTML).
GLARPS: The Generic Live-Action Role-Playing System by Kyle Marquis
Keywords: universal rules-lite live-action
A universal, no-touch live-action RPG system using rock-paper-scissors as its basic mechanic. ~23 pages HTML rules.
Profile by John Buckmaster
Keywords: universal rules-lite supplement live-action
This is a free live-action conversion of the Silhouette game system (used in "Gear Krieg", "Tribe 8", and other games by Dream Pod 9). It requires one of the main rulebooks of those systems for character creation and other aspects of play. 16 pages PDF.
Star Wars Live Action Rules by James Sheahan
Keywords: genre scifi rules-lite live-action
A live-action RPG set in the "Star Wars" universe. 39 pages (MSWord format).
Techno-Death by Rick Bush
Keywords: genre scifi rules-lite long live-action
An action-oriented system designed to be fast and compatible with Live-Action play. Resolution is by 1d3 or Rock-Paper-Scissors. ~30 pages rules (HTML) plus ~30 pages background and equipment (HTML).

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