Rumored RPGs

         The following are role-playing games which I have only a name and possibly a company name for, but no solid information. They might well exist, but the information I have is so sketchy that I hesitate to put them in the full list. Before I put a "rumor" onto the full list, I would generally like to have at least 2 out of 3 of: author(s), publication date, and decent description (i.e. more than a few words).

         Many of the below are from the Usenet Complete RPG List. Since a few entries in that list were pretty much wrong, I will not put these in until I get more information on them. Please email me if you can tell me more about any of these.

 - "American Excess" (Fantasy Chronicles)
    Released in the UK RPG mag Fantasy Chronicles
    [exists -- PM]
 - "Anywhen Universal RP" (K Society)
    Universal system supposedly used by two games ("Fireland" and
    "Imperial Earth") advertised in _Dragon_ from '82 - '84.
    Unclear if it was ever released in any form.
 - "Corps Worlds" (Crunchy Frog)
    Listed as Sci-fi Combat genre in Usenet list
    also has conspiracy cyberpunk elements
    never actually released ??
 - "Hellraiser" (Core Creations, LLC)
    Listed as Undefined genre in Usenet list
    This is mentioned on Core Creation's web site (""),
    but I have no idea what sort of game it is.
 - "Mobile Suit Gundam 0079: Roleplaying game of A Year War" (
    1991. 1st edition. Unknown author.
    Pages 160.
        Universal Century : 0079
        General History of "A Year-War"
        Term of GUNDAM:0079

Chapter0 For First reader
Chapter1 Creating a Pilot
Chapter2 Skills about MS
Chapter3 Attribute of Character
Chapter4 Explanation of PC's Mobile Suit
Chapter5 The Combat System
Chapter6 Solo play system
Chapter7 Indivisual Combat
Chapter8 Life of PC
Chapter9 Experience & Promotion
Chapter10 Anti-Space Ship Combat
Chapter11 Indivisual Skills
Chapter12 Role of GM
Chapter13 Terrain Rules of MS Combat
Chapter14 MS vs Soldier's Combat
Chapter15 "New Type" Attributes
Chapter16 Special Equipments
Chapter17 Indivisual Weapons Lists
 Chapter18 Advanced Solo Play System
 Chapter19 Random Mission Campaign Scenario
Chapter20 Random Set-Up Charts
Chapter21 Pre-Rolled Characters
Chapter22 "SENTINEL"'s MS Data for % Dice Using
Chapter23 Game Charts
Chapter24 "Federation's MS Data
Chapter25 "Zion" 's MS Data
Chapter26 Non-Player MS Data
  Random Mission Charts
  Scenario Map
  Fighting Board
  White Map
  Score Sheet
  Character Sheet
  Mobile Suit Sheet
    Publisher: Dai-nippon Kaiga; 1st edition 
    ISBN 4-499-20564-6 c0076
    A Japanese-language softcover RPG based on the popular anime series.
    It includes mecha rules as well as mobile suits for both
    alliance and Zion forces as well as solo play rules.
 - "R.A.I.D." (Centurian Pub & Mgt)
    Listed as Action-Adventure genre in Usenet list
 - "Randomania" (Gamescience)
    Listed as Action-Adventure genre in Usenet list
 - "Realms of Myth" (Stormhawk Publications)
    Listed as Fantasy genre in Usenet list
 - "Shattered Realms" (CyberRealms Inc.)
    Listed as Pure Fantasy genre in Usenet list
    Perhaps this might be the Shattered Realms MUD, in which case it
    would be mistakenly on the list.  
 - "Star Khan" (Khan Games)
    Listed as Sci-fi genre in Usenet list
    There is a former miniatures line from RAFM Miniatures ( 
    similar to Warhammer 40K, including 'Cyb-Orcs'.  Not clear if an RPG 
    rules set was also released.
 - "The Yellow Dragon" (??)
    Listed as Fantasy genre in Usenet list

Foreign Games

These are entries in the Usenet RPG list marked as being non-English language which I do not yet have any information on. If anyone bilingual can help, please let me know.

 - Demons (??)
 - "Menhir"
    small press German RPG
 - Role (Spellbook)

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