Rumored RPGs

         The following are role-playing games which I have only a name and possibly a company name for, but no solid information. They might well exist, but the information I have is so sketchy that I hesitate to put them in the full list. Before I put a "rumor" onto the full list, I would generally like to have at least 2 out of 3 of: author(s), publication date, and decent description (i.e. more than a few words).

         Many of the below are from the Usenet Complete RPG List. Since a few entries in that list were pretty much wrong, I will not put these in until I get more information on them. Please email me if you can tell me more about any of these.

 - "American Excess" (Fantasy Chronicles)
    Released in the UK RPG mag Fantasy Chronicles
    [exists -- PM]
 - "Anywhen Universal RP" (K Society)
    Universal system supposedly used by two games ("Fireland" and
    "Imperial Earth") advertised in _Dragon_ from '82 - '84.
    Unclear if it was ever released in any form.
 - "Corps Worlds" (Crunchy Frog)
    Listed as Sci-fi Combat genre in Usenet list
    also has conspiracy cyberpunk elements
    never actually released ??
 - "Hellraiser" (Core Creations, LLC)
    Listed as Undefined genre in Usenet list
    This is mentioned on Core Creation's web site (""),
    but I have no idea what sort of game it is.
 - "Mobile Suit Gundam 0079: Roleplaying game of A Year War" (
    Unknown year, presumably 2003. Unknown author. 
    ISBN 4-499-20564-6 c0076
    A Japanese-language softcover RPG based on the popular anime series.
    It includes mecha rules as well as mobile suits for both
    alliance and Zion forces as well as solo play rules.
 - "R.A.I.D." (Centurian Pub & Mgt)
    Listed as Action-Adventure genre in Usenet list
 - "Randomania" (Gamescience)
    Listed as Action-Adventure genre in Usenet list
 - "Realms of Myth" (Stormhawk Publications)
    Listed as Fantasy genre in Usenet list
 - "Shattered Realms" (CyberRealms Inc.)
    Listed as Pure Fantasy genre in Usenet list
    Perhaps this might be the Shattered Realms MUD, in which case it
    would be mistakenly on the list.  
 - "Star Khan" (Khan Games)
    Listed as Sci-fi genre in Usenet list
    There is a former miniatures line from RAFM Miniatures ( 
    similar to Warhammer 40K, including 'Cyb-Orcs'.  Not clear if an RPG 
    rules set was also released.
 - "The Yellow Dragon" (??)
    Listed as Fantasy genre in Usenet list

Foreign Games

These are entries in the Usenet RPG list marked as being non-English language which I do not yet have any information on. If anyone bilingual can help, please let me know.

 - Demons (??)
 - "Menhir"
    small press German RPG
 - Role (Spellbook)

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