Player Characters for Weaver's Ford (July '07)

         These are the player characters from the mini-convention event of Dogs in the Vineyard which I played in at the End Game July 2007 mini-con. The GM was Carl Rigney running a town of his own devising, "Weaver's Ford".

Brother Philip Reed

Well Rounded

Acuity 3d6  Heart 4d6  Body 5d6  Will 5d6

Asses & Elbows 1d4
Can outride demons on horseback 2d10
Eyes like an eagle 1d6
Dog - Mail carrier 1d6
Rifle on horseback 1d6
Loves being around people 1d6
*People take me seriously 1d6
Man has to take responsibility for what he's done 1d4

Relationships: (available 1d8)
Cousin Ethan Smith, Blacksmith in Weaver's Ford 1d6
Uncle Sam Weaver 1d8
Brother Hucute, cousin 2d8
Anne Weaver 2d6

Coat 2d6 (earth at hem, sun at collar)
Beautiful Horse 2d8
High quality rifle 2d6+1d4
Book of Life 1d6
Jar of consecrated earth 1d6

Brother Hucute

Strong History

Acuity 3d6  Heart 4d6  Body 4d6  Will 2d6

In touch with the Land 2d8
Honors his Mountain heritage 2d10
I'm a Dog 2d8
"You did what?" 2d10
Short fuse 3d6
*I did not overcome intolerance 1d6

Relationships: (available 1d4 1d6 1d8)
Uncle Sam Weaver 2d6
Brother Philip 1d8
Sharp Tooth 1d4

Coat with bead fringe 2d6 
Book of Life, Pristine 1d6
Jar of Earth 1d6
Spirited Mustang 2d8
Gun 1d8+1d4

Sister Isolde

Strong History

Acuity 3d6  Heart 4d6  Body 3d6  Will 4d6

Blooded Dog 2d10
Encyclopedic knowledge of the Book 2d6
Crack shot 1d8
Steely resolve 2d8
Pigheaded 1d6
Experience with demons 1d10
Walks with a limp 1d8
*I redeemed a man corrupted by sin 1d6
Curse: My family will pay for the things I've done 1d4

Relationships: (available 1d4 3d6)
Brother Hank Carter, widowed Sheriff in Weaver's Ford 2d8

Emerald Coat with Red Chevrons 2d6
Big high quality drop-breech rifle 2d8+1d4
Big knife 1d8
Crap walking stick 1d4
Book of Life 1d6
Jar of consecrated earth 1d6

Sister Marah

Well Rounded

Acuity 4d6  Heart 2d6  Body 5d6  Will 7d6

Dog 1d6
Gunslinger 1d8
(Over)zealous 1d6
Iron willed 1d8
Raised as a boy 2d6
Let my guns do my talking 2d4

*I didn't betray my father's plans for me 1d6
I shot my pa 1d4

Relationships: (available 2d6)
Cousin Faith Hill in Weaver's Ford 3d6
Cousin Daniel Hill 3d8
Father 1d4
Luke 1d4 (one of Sarah Weaver's suitors)

Coat 2d6 with pictures of home made by entire community together
Book of life 1d6
Jar of consecrated earth 1d6
Horse 1d6
Big-ass revolver (Dad gave me) 2d8+1d4
Rifle 2d6+1d4
Beat-up old revolver 2d6+1d4
Picture of dad 1d4


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