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         These are my notes and thoughts on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer role-playing game by C.J. Carrella, published by Eden Studios in 2002. Obviously this is based on the Twentieth Century Fox television series, but it is also a starting point for all sorts of role-playing which may or may not look much like the original series.

My Essays and Ideas
My collection of essays on Buffy roleplaying:
Review of the Buffy core rulebook -- great ideas, but poor organization
What makes Buffy Buffy? -- thoughts on creating a series
House Rule Ideas -- some playtested, some not
Spell Balance Issues -- thoughts on potential balance problems & fixes for the core magic system
Classic Horror Movies -- a list with comments on how they might be or have been used for Buffy episodes
Buffy Episode Guide -- a concise list with links for plot summaries and full transcripts
Buffy Spells by Season -- a list of nearly all spells used in the series
Experience Spending Examples -- how the canon characters grew by season
Buffy Adventure Design -- concrete guidelines for preparing episodes
Play Aids
This is my page of play aids, including two one-page summary sheets, a list of spells from the series, and notes on balancing magic.
My collections of links for Buffy-based roleplaying and for the Buffy/Angel series in general.
Silicon Valley Slayage
These are links and my own pages for a Buffy campaign I am playing in, GMed by Bill Humphries.
The Slayerbot Series
This is my notes on a hypothetical series concept, which I put together as part of my evaluation of the game. It is a more light-hearted series, where a "good girl" Slayer from the 50's finds herself in 2000's Santa Cruz in an unusual body.
The "House Rules" Series
This is my notes on another series concept. This is an idea for a game which I had prior to the BtVS RPG, but sort of fits as a distantly related series along the same lines. Rather than high school, it's theme is a 20- and 30-something shared housing. A group of unusual people share a home, which is an interdimensional nexus: the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California.


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