Ranma Nibun No Ichi : The Storyteller Roleplaying Game of Martial Arts, Comedy and Romance is a way to use White Wolf's Storyteller system to recreate the genre of Ranma 1/2 and its possiblities as completely as possible. This is the sixth release of the game. This version was meant to be the first major version since 1 as denoted by being version 2. I wanted this version to be more easily navigatable and usable for a complete roleplaying experience. I decided to use HTML because the common existence of HTML browsers on virtually all platforms.

Version 2 - Done. Wow! It is staggering to think of everything that has happened over the last two years. I started this because it seemed like something that needed to be done. The others attempts I had seen (GURPS and Champions) wre inadequate and incomplete. People responded. A lot of people responded. A whole bunch of people. And to those people I want to thank them for their intrest since that is what has kept me working on the project.

This version has been delayed by school, work, vacations, computer breakdowns, and various other minor crisises. But, here I am. My only disparaging comment is about the people who promised to send me stuff and didn't. That more than anything slowed down the release of version two because I wanted it to be open and a project among fans. Now I'm doing a 180 - the project is all mine. If you want to send me material that's fine - I may or may not use it but I will not actively encourage sending it anymore because then I feel obliged to take effort to get it and that hurts the project.

As always I encourage people to send in ideas or just write to me and tell me what's on their mind in regard to the game so long as they read the game and FAQ first. Check out the whole new web page while you're at it. Remember that you should have a 800x600 display, 16 bit color and hopefully using Netscape Navigator 2.0 or later.

This version does not reflect the anticipated changes I advertised months ago. In the course of working on version two I have shifted my priorities. Instead of deluging the user with lots of raw information I decided to make the existing work more robust and refined. My goal is to make the Ranma game as near to a complete volume as I can while not violating White Wolf's rights. I want a person to be able to pick up the game and with minimal effort be able to understand and use it with nothing but it and the Street Fighter book. My desire is for this to be as self contained and complete as any game.

                              v 2.0      
                              24:00 EST 01/20/97