Merits and Flaws

Well, because the listing of merits and flaws in version 2.0 grew so dramatically from version 1.8 I decided to isolate them into their own chapter. I hate to just list the merits and flaws without giving their text but to go any further would be pushing White Wolf (not to mention their lawyers) a wee bit too far. However, from the information given here you should be able to get a good idea of how to use merits and flaws even without running out and buying a bunch of new books or make a decision on which White Wolf books you might want.

Traditionally White Wolf has included Merits and Flaws in the Player's Guides for their various games and I assume they have done as much for Street Fighter but I haven't bought it You should experiment with variations and new ones. Here are various selections from the White Wolf games that are most appropriate and useful. Others may also apply depending on your game.

The Storyteller should decide when a merit or flaw comes into effect and what their effect on game mechanics is. They should be thought of as fluid enhancements to the characters, not merely extra power.

White Wolf Merits and Flaws

L E G E N D :
Merit or Flaw's Point Whether It Is A Vampire's Werewolf's Mage's
Name Value Merit or Flaw Player's Guide Player's Guide Player's Guide
* means that if it applies to a supernatural community it can reinterpreted
ie. Boon - instead of a favor from an elder vampire it is from a Sensei or something

Absent Minded 3 pt.s Flaw Vampire Werewolf Mage
Acute Senses 1 pt per Sense Merit Vampire Mage
Addiction 1-3 pt.s Flaw Mage
Allergic 1 - 3 pt.s Flaw Vampire Mage
Ambidextrous 1 pt Merit Vampire Werewolf Mage
Amnesia 2 pt.s Flaw Vampire Werewolf mage
Bad Sight 2 pt.s Flaw Vampire Werewolf Mage
Berserker 2 pt.s Merit Vampire Werewolf
* Boon/Favor 1 - 3 pt.s Merit Vampire Werewolf Mage
Calm Heart 3 pt.s Merit Vampire Werewolf
Code of Honor 1 pt Merit Vampire Mage
Common Sense 1 pt Merit Vampire
Concentration 1 pt Merit Vampire Werewolf Mage
Compulsion 1 pt Merit Vampire Werewolf Mage
Confused 2 pt.s Flaw Vampire Werewolf Mage
Cursed variable Flaw Vampire Werewolf Mage
Curiosity 2 pt.s Flaw Mage
Danger Sense 2/3 pt.s Merit Vampire Werewolf Mage
Daredevil 3 pt.s Merit Vampire Werewolf Mage
Dark Secret 1 pt Flaw Vampire Werewolf Mage
Double Jointed 1 pt Merit Vampire Werewolf Mage
* Enemy variable Flaw Vampire Werewolf Mage
Hard of Hearing 1 pt Flaw Vampire Werewolf Mage
Hatred 3 pt.s Flaw Vampire Werewolf Mage
Huge Size 4 pt.s Merit Vampire Werewolf Mage
* Infamous Sire 1 pt Flaw Vampire Mage
* Insane Sire 1 pt Flaw Vampire Mage
Intolerance 1 pt Flaw Vampire Werewolf Mage
Iron Will 3 pt.s Merit Vampire Mage
Light Sleeper 2 pt.s Merit Vampire
Low Self Image 2 pt.s Flaw Vampire Werewolf
Luck 3 pt.s Merit Vampire Werewolf Mage
Mistaken Identity 1 pt Flaw Vampire
Notoriety 3 pt.s Flaw Vampire Werewolf Mage
Obsession 2 pt.s Flaw Mage
One Eye 2 pt.s Flaw Vampire Werewolf
Overconfident 1 pt Flaw Vampire Werewolf Mage
Perfect Balance 3 pt.s Merit Mage
Phobia 1 or 3 pt.s Flaw Vampire Werewolf Mage
Pitiable 1 pt Merit Vampire Werewolf
* Prestigious Sire 1 pt Merit Vampire Mage
* Reputation 2 pt.s Merit Vampire Werewolf mage
Self Confident 5 pt.s Merit Vampire Werewolf Mage
Short 1 pt Flaw Vampire Werewolf Mage
Shy 1 pt Flaw Werewolf Mage
* Sire's Resentment 1 pt Flaw Vampire Mage
Speech Impediment 1 pt Flaw Vampire Werewolf Mage
True Love 1 pt Merit Vampire Werewolf Mage
Vengeance 2 pt.s Flaw Vampire Werewolf Mage
Weak Willed 2 pt.s Flaw Vampire Werewolf

New Merits and Flaws

Business Sense 2 pt.s Merit You are at -2 difficulty in any attemtps to make money.
Business 3 pt.s Merit You own a business (ie. restraunt, disco) where you make money and meet people.
Enhanced Attribute 3 pt.s Merit With experience you can raise one set of attributes (ie. Physical) up to eight.
Supernatural Companion 3 pt.s Merit treat as the various white wolf merits - ie. Vampire Companion
True Love 4 pt.s Merit A variant of the 1 point version in the White Wolf books. Your love guides you on. You may have trouble expressing it at times but it gives you life meaning. You gain +3 to all dice results when trying to protect your love and in crisis situations the thought of your love will give you two extra willpower points, even raising your score above ten.
Bad Direction 1 pt Flaw You tend to get lost easily if you don't have a good map or excellent directions. Ryouga has a five point version.
Bad Timing 1 pt Flaw Your perceptions of time get warped, turning hours into seconds or seconds into days - always late or early.
Meddling Sire 1 pt Flaw Treat as Sire's Resentment.
Venus's Curse 2 pt Flaw You tend to be extremely attractive to the opposite sex - unfortunately this attraction only seems to manifest itself in ways that will inconvenience you. For some characters like Ranma it may be a 3 or 4 point flaw.
Ward 3 pt.s Flaw You are devoted to protecting someone who can't stay out of trouble. They are usually a non-combatant.
Abductee 4 pt.s Flaw You seem to attract the attention of those who would kidnap you - for all kinds of reasons and regardless of your normal apptitudes you seem powerless to stop them a significant portion of the time and must be rescued.

Jusenkyou Curses

note : we are beginning to get into some Chinese names here. I know no, absolutely none, zilch, zero, zip about Chinese. If someone else wants to help me out with this - fine. Otherwise, don't complain. BTW, Jusenkyou Curses should not be confused with the Flaw - Cursed.

Inevitably, some players are going to want to get Jusenkyou curses. Transformation curses are very difficult to define as merits or flaws. As flaws all curses chare in common the trait that the characters can not control the transformations. That's where the similarities end however. A variety of factors need to be determined when deciding on a curse. In order to classify a transformation curse as a merit or flaw it is necessary to define all aspects of the curse's effects (near impossible) and then ascribe point values to all (hard). What physical traits or special abilities (ie. flight) will the new body have, how might it affect social interactions, and will it effect you emotionally or mentally. Will you have bizarre talents like squirting ink? How do you react to the curse and will that change? And what of all the things you do not anticipate? Does a pig have enhanced smelling? Might that carry over for the human form? What about a special opprotunity to learn pig-fu or something?

With all that said it becomes obvious that the initial instinct to classify Jusenkyou curses as merits or flaws is wrong since no definitive point value can be ascribed to them. This should not be a deterant, however. Many merits or flaws in certain hands can actually be far more beneficial or impairing with certain players than it in theory should. It would be idiotic to demand that everything would be strictly ordered and defined in Ranma 1/2 anyway - the very nature of the genre demands constant change and revelation.

So how do you choose a curse? You can either select one or get one randomly. The random option is more in keeping with the spirit of the Ranma 1/2 genre. You can create your own random charts or use the one presented here. The chart below lists thirty options for curses. If the Storyteller ever feels that a player is getting away with too much with a curse they can come up with something that will make the character's life much less pleasant.

Notes on The Curses

First roll one ten sided die, and then roll on the chart that the dice roll indicates below. Then roll another ten sided die for the chart you've ended up on. Those listed with chinese names are actual curses from the manga or anime.

1 - 5
Table A
6 - 9
Table B
Table C

Table A

  1. Shonmao-nii-chuan = "panda"
  2. Pool of Drowned Porcupine
  3. Pool of Drowned Puppy
  4. Mao-nii-chuan = "cat"
  5. Pool of Drowned Owl
  6. Pool of Drowned Ferret
  7. Pool of Drowned Turtle
  8. Pool of Drowned Bat
  9. Pool of Drowned Wharf Rat
  10. Pool of Drowned Cockroach

Table B

  1. Pool of Drowned Garden Snake
  2. Nyan-nii-chuan = "girl"
  3. Heito-uen-nii-chuan = "black pig"
  4. Pool of Drowned Mute
  5. Pool of Drowned Acrophobe --- fear of heights
  6. Yaa-zu-nii-chuan = "wild duckling"
  7. Pool of Drowned Hydrophobe --- fear of water - this one could make things intresting
  8. Pool of Drowned Wolverine
  9. Pool of Drowned Duckbilled Platypus
  10. Pool of Drowned DoDo bird

Table C

  1. Jackpot - roll again twice and take both
  2. Jackpot - roll again once but transforming condition is determined by Storyteller; something wierd like sunlight instead of warm water
  3. Pool of Drowned Corpse --- he he he he ... zombies ....
  4. Pool of Drowned Fool
  5. Nan-nii-chuan = "man"
  6. Pool of Drowned Pervert
  7. Niu-hoo-man-mao-ren-nii-chuan = "bull-crane-eel-yeti"
  8. Shannen-nii-chuan = "virtuous man"
  9. Tsu-nii-chuan = "twins"
  10. Chan-yui-nii-chuan = "giant octopus"

Idea : Create a second character sheet for your transformed state.