Appendix Four : Epilogue

Dear Reader,

Another version comes to an end. I hope this doesn't look easy to you folks because its a royal pain in the *!@ to do. After two years of doing this off and on I have a lot more respect for professional game designers.

Version 2.x :

Version 2 is not done until every version is done and between 2.0 and 2.99 could be quite a few public releases. I had more planned for this release than is here but truncated my plans because I want to get feed back on what is done so far first. Listed here are plans for the 2.x releases, the first of which will come out in mid to late February 1997.

v 2.0 Ranma 1/2 : The Storytelling Game of Martial Arts, Romance and Comedy

1 - 20 - 97