Appendix Three : Credits and Thanks

My first thanks go to Takahashi Rumiko. It is for the being the creator of Ranma 1/2 and a entertainer that I want to thank her.

My thanks to White Wolf Game Studios for Vampire : The Masquerade which got me into roleplaying and for the Storytelling system which has been a great vehicle for me to explore other worlds.

Terry Martin's What's What document for Ranma 1/2 provided the spellings for obscure Japanese words in here. My Nihongo is terrible and so I was glad to find this. If you find any mistakes in the translations it was without doubt my fault. If it is right it must either be common knowledge or from Martin's documents.

I appreciate everyone who gave me feedback and responded to the game. I hope that the updated FAQ and new design of the page will address a lot of the queries I received.

Thanks to Stubbs for proffings and Johnathan Dean and Dave Harper after the 1.x versions. I still disagree with a lot of Dean's ideas but I do appreciate the feedback. If I find time I'll use some of those in a RAQ (as in "put on the rack" - I know, terrible pun) or "Rarely Asked Questions" file which might also be intresting to some people.