The PC's are investigators for Valkyrie Security, a company which blends security, law enforcement, and mercenary interests. (Similar to the Pinkertons of the 19th century, but with more scruples.)

         The first four PC's were the original team assembled by Valkyrie to investigate the loss of contact with a distant 4D Research Station. Valkyrie was contracted for this investigation by the Governor of the sector, whose son was an employee of 4D there. They were sent out there in a small spaceship (capable of 500c FTL speed). In addition to the investigators, there were eight Valkyrie-employed crew plus the resident 4D engineer who maintains the FTL drive.

Subsequent to that investigation, the team was hired for other jobs by Governor Caruthers and later by others. Other members of the team were later added, generally at the request of clients.

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