Viscount Botevant

Sacheverell FitzWalter, Baron Lixnay, Viscount Botevant


Viscount Botevant is basically mad. He is keen on violent fast sports in particular and sport in general. steeplechase (good horseman) to croquet(which he approaches with ferocity). he is a crack shot with a pistol, and a good saber fencer. In another era he might have been a cavalry officer. However.. he is a member of the Royal Geographical Society, a naturalist-explorer with anthropological leanings. he is also full of crackpot theories - raw meat and vegetable diets, utopian free societies in touch with nature, man the hunter/woman the nurturer, all coexist with a basically reactionary mindset that values daring, honesty, ``pluck'' and hard living.

He is very tough - the fact that he has survived his own enthusiasms attests to this. he has travelled in north india, tibet, western china, mongolia, siberia, afghanistan, kafiristan.

He is eccentric - dressing in wierd combinations of native gear (fez on shaved head), for reasons of comfort or hygiene (he has a theory on everything).

He is very rich - the titles in Ireland are minor, with no real responsibilities, but he inherited large estate in England. The terms of the will require him to spend time in the UK every few years.

He has no real sense of what is odd or bizarre or scary. He is not self reflective enough to have developed any degree of shyness in any situation. If it seems exciting he will enjoy it.

He believes the pyramids to be connected with astronomy etc - the true egyptian culture of course coming from atlantis. he has never had any opportunity to investigate or develope this thesis but will do so with vigor, given an opportunity.

And so on. He is also given to gadgets such as the patent hat gun, a modification of the automatic top hat.

He is likely to be oblivious to the feelings/reactions of anybody else- not in an unkind way - its just that he may not always recognise that what is self evidently true to himself may not be to you. once he does grasp this tricky notion he will most likely put this down to your raving eccentricity, and he will HUMOR you in the most subtle way.

Helpful? He's also good at natural sciences and navigation. He is widely if oddly read.


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