Benjamin Grimmond

Benjamin Grimmond is an imposing man in his late 30's, a Senior Inspector of the CID. He stands 6'3'' with hulking shoulders, with a booming bass voice. He is a staunch (some might say rabid) Tory, with a well-vocalized hatred of anything ``liberal.''

On the good side, he is fairly affable and staunch in his defense of institutions and friends. On the more questionable side is his treatment of those whom he does not defend.

As an investigator, he tends to concentrate less on the paper trail, preferring to deal with folk in person. He never ``walked a beat,'' since higher positions are won through other channels. Nevertheless, he has very much a take-charge attitude of heading out to the scene and questioning those involved. His methods are not very shocking, since beating information and confessions out of suspects is far from rare. Still, at times, he might grow over-zealous in his methods.


Benjamin is from an urban middle class background, his father being a merchant but his mother coming from a family of Navy men. He is the oldest child, with one younger brother.

In school, he proved to have a mental block in mathematics and formal logic, which ruined his dream of becoming a Navy officer. His brother, meanwhile, went into the Army and has gone off to serve in India. Making up for this, he excelled at his other studies, suffering his way through dry literature and texts with shining colors.

His career as an Inspector has been fairly exemplary. His pet projects of prior years were the Dynamiters, who remain at large after mysterious bombing of several government centers.


As far as the party dynamic goes -- he can be fairly accepting of a variety of people up to a point. To him, the determining factor is politics: liberals, Fabian society members, Temperance advocates, anti-imperialists, Irish separatists, and other fops will be treated with thinly veiled disgust. Those who uphold the proper social and moral order are welcome regardless of the color of their skin.

I should warn that Ben will tend to be fairly bossy. He is certainly capable of compromise on matters of judgement (he is not overly egotistical) - but never on matters of principle. If someone else is planning an openly liberal-minded character, then we may have to rethink things a little.


STR 16   DEX 13   INT 10
CON 12   APP  9   POW 14
SIZ 17            EDU 14

Hit Points: 15
Dmg Bonus: 1d6

Accounting(10)          Hide(10) 30             Pick Pockets(5)
Bargain(5)              History(20) 35          Psychology(5)
Camouflage(25)          Jump(25)                Ride(5)
Climb(40)               Law(5) 20               Sing(5)
Credit(15) 40           Library(25)             Sneak(5) 55
Debate(10)              Listen(25) 30           Spot Hidden(25) 80
Fast Talk(5) 65         Make Maps(10)           Swim(25)
First Aid(30)           Mechanics(20)           Throw(25) 30
                        Occult(5) 20            Track(10)
                        Oratory(5) 10
Punch(50) 65
Head Butt(10)
Kick(25) 70
Nightstick:A(25) 85
           P(25) 40
Dodge(26) 71