Immortal Tales Timeline

The company comes into conflict with supernatural spirits who are trying to disrupt the meeting of Richard and Salah Al'Din.
Hal, Lem, and Oddysseus become accused of grave robbery and witchcraft along with the mathematician Fibonaci. They subsequently track down and kill the black sorcerer responsible, but the immortal woman who aided him escapes. Fibonaci is cleared of the charges.
Pyutz enters an English monastery after surviving a disastrous raid on the Orkney isles.
Pyutz, Lem, and Ody defeat a werewolf (Werner) which was on a rampage in Strasbourg.
Hal and Ody journey to Marseilles to rescue the mayor's daughter from the plague. They find she has been taken into an enclave outside the city, presided over by a Lord Gregory. They find that Lord Gregory has made a deal with the sinister Forest Lord - and that he is a vampire. While trying to leave, Lord Gregory attacks, and they kill him.
Hal, Lem, and Pyutz are lured to Luneberg by a forged note from Oddysseus. After meeting with a strange woman named Elizabeth, who is also an acquaintence, the four are captured by a wizard who intends to use their lifeforces to make him immortal.
Hal, Lem, and Ody journey into a warzone of the Hundred Years war, as member's of the King's Musketeers. They are drawn into the siege of a small town, where they come into conflict with an vampire (Vlad).
Hal, Lem, and Pyutz are again drawn into conflict with the Ismaili cult in Gahara, while playing in the Great Game.
The company meet at Oddysseus' chalet in Switzerland.

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