Sarken the Wanderer

An inscrutable, spry-looking old man -- surprisingly well-built for his age. He has a shaven head, showing stubble in the back. His hands and features are well-worn by sun and weather.
60(?)-year old male Nimian, 5'9", 175 lbs.

Strength: d12
Intellect: d12
Agility: d8
Luck: d6
Health: d12
Channeling: d100, Weaving skill d30

broadsword: d8
dagger: d8
thrown dagger: d8
general combat: d10
stealth: d10
tracking: d8
outdoorsman: d10
animal handling: d10
horsemanship: d10
storytelling: d10
first aid: d12
swimming: d16
fast-talk: d8

Secret: ___
Folk Hero Reputation: d8
Duty to Druids: ___
Gives inscrutable sayings: ___

Excellent magical chainmail: d8

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