GURPS "Dollar for the Dead"

     We'll make this simple 'n quick, just like ya'll r gunna hav' to be if yer figger'n to live fer long in this here game we're a gonna be playin'. This here's a GURPS Old West game based on the recent Emilio Estevez flick "Dollar for the Dead".

     It starts at a po-dunk town in Lincoln County, New Mexico territory in 1878. The soon-to-be posse runs into trouble with a gang known as the Regulators care of Miss Minnie Parker. Right now, there's not much law around Lincoln County, and the Regulators are tougher than the people they's fightin.

     A feller named Dooley sees that a couple folks seem tough enough to be in a job, while soft enough that they won't kill him in the end. So he makes 'em partners in a chase after half a million in Confederate gold. The folks are:

Minnie Parker (Jessica)
An ornery rancher's daughter: she says her father was killed by a bigger rival after his land. In return, she shot the rival's son (who had thought to marry her) in the fight. Now she dresses like a man and fights better.
Raul (Kim)
A kindly Mexican who helped Miss Minnie out after she was shot by the Regulators.
"Kentucky" (Peter)
A shotgun-toting Kentuckian who prefers on being the only man that holds the guns.
Eagle-Eye Dave (Mike)
A crack rifle shot and former wild-west-show performer, whose company folded when the bosses' wife ran off with the money.
Beauregard (Liz)
A Confederate veteran, formerly of the same wild-west show.
Nat Love (John)
A simple but well-dressed cowboy, of the colored persuasion. Fancy with his ridin', his roping, and his shooting.

     cf. also GURPS Old West House Rules

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