The Crystal Palace

     This is information from the "Crystal Palace" role-playing campaign. This is a narrative (aka tabletop) role-playing game which is played in San Diego, California from early 1999 to the present. It is set in an original fantasy world designed by Russell Impagliazzo, together with Joshua Macy.

     The Crystal Palace is a giant city built with arcane technologies. It is the capital and heart of the Radiant Empire, struggling against decline as much scientific learning has been lost. It is inhabited by a wide variety of races, none of them human: Makoo (sentient plants), Dragons, Dragons, Garu (werewolves), Unicorns, Aerads, Varagh, Chameleons, Gorillas, Taz, Tellery, and Darby.

GM's Page
Background notes on the game and on the campaign.
Archive of GM's Background
A separate archive of the above notes.

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