South Bay Story Games Day: June 2011

         This was a semi-formal gathering of SF Bay Area gamers organized via the Story Games forum (mostly on this thread), and held at Game Kastle in San Jose.

This time wasn't even a mini-convention, but just a get-together. Colin (the organizer) was there along with Grant, Oliver, and myself. The four of us played Fiasco using the Objective: Zebra playset. We were officers and crew of a WWII submarine, and our captain turned out to secretly be of an ancient bloodline connected to strange other-worldly aliens. My morphine-addicted first mate managed to escape the submarine and have a happy ending - but a Nazi sorcerer got the secret, so the world was probably doomed. We then played a quick game of Happy Birthday, Robot! Grant then left, so Oliver and Colin and I played a game of Colin's unpublished RPG Nasocorn - a short comedic game based on Ionesco's Theater of the Absurd play Rhinoceros. We played workers at a large dot-com company who had to come up with a presentation by 4PM, but under stress each of us would inevitably turn into a prehistoric nasocorn. After I left, Oliver and Colin played Showdown, in the court of the Sun King, and Oliver's unlettered provincial butted heads with Colin's coarse and disagreeable Parisian.


John H Kim <jhkim-at-darkshire-dot-net>
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