Nerdly Beach Party Fall 2010 Report

         This was the seventh of the Nerdly Beach Party gatherings, and had just switched organizers from Albert and Nancy to Ryan Macklin. I again attended with my son Milo. It was again at San Simeon State Park, as has usually been the case. This time we had four couples (two with toddlers), seven individuals, and one single parent (me) -- for a total of 16 adults and 3 kids.


Fri Night: "Apocalypse World"

         This was a run of Apocalypse World as run by Ryan Macklin.

         We started in media res, on the run from a biker gang after we had failed to assassinate a gang figure. We made it to The Island, but there we ran into trouble.

Sat Morning: Once Upon A Time

         We played a few rounds of the storytelling card game Once Upon A Time, which went pretty well.

Sat Afternoon: Monster Island

         I game-mastered Monster Island, with Milo and Anna as players. We later did a second scenario where Sean joined in as well.

Sat Evening: Smallville Star Wars

         This was a Star Wars game using a variant of the Smallville system, game-mastered by Josh. The players were:

         It was my introduction to the system, and I remember being puzzled about how the point-spending worked. Unfortunately, I did not take notes and have forgotten the details of the issue. The game was reasonably fun, but didn't sell me on the system.

Sun Morning: Martian Fluxx & Small World

         We played a few quick games on Sunday morning - including a quick game of Martian Fluxx and Small World with Laura, Sean, Sayler, Justin, and me & Milo as a team.


         Besides the games, one of the draws of this gathering is having a nice time camping with my son by a beautiful beach with lots of friendly people around. The registration fee includes a share of food for breakfast and lunch - including a giant supply of bacon. People bring their own meat and drinks, and there is a ton to share - making an impressive bar of liquor. I take a fair chunk of the day wandering around the park with Milo.


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