Celesticon 2014 Report


61 Roleplaying games
73 Board games
23 Card games
1 Collectible Card games
0 Collectible Miniatures games
34 Miniatures games
11 Other games
5 Painting Events
16 Young Players Room games
13 Teen Room games
9 Seminars
10 War College Seminars

The Business of Murder

460 The Business of Murder
Saturday 7 PM in Salon VIII for 4 hours
GM: John Kim
Type: LARP
System: homebrew
Players: 8
Provided: All characters provided by GM
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream
A classic murder mystery, set in intrigue at a university business school. Seven acquaintances are forced to discover who among them might be guilty of murder. Who had motive, means, and opportunity? This is a freeform single-room larp, with background notes and clues.

This was a straight run of the first larp that I had written - a murder mystery set in the University of Chicago business school. The players and their characters were:

         There is a delicate balance in mysteries, in how much players should struggle with the clues, and when they should be nudged. I've run this several times, and sometimes the group homes in on the killer quickly, and sometimes the killer successfully deflects attention. In this case, the killer deflected attention pretty well for a while, but there was slow progress, so I let debate go until eventually they closed in on things. The game is designed with a steady progression of clues. In this case, they went through all of the planned clues, plus one that I added.

I enjoyed running it, and I thought there was a good mix of players - some experienced larpers and a few new players.

Of Musketeers and Buccaneers

506 Of Musketeers and Buccaneers
Sunday 11 AM in Carneros for 6 hours
GM: Chris Rutkowsky
Type: RPG
System: Honor + Intrigue
Players: 6
Provided: All characters provided by GM
Rules Knowledge: Beginners Welcome
Game Content: Mainstream
1651: France is in peril and only a band of brave Musketeers and their allies can save it from the pirates, assassins, and worse that await. Play the ENnie award winning game with its creator. Honor + Intrigue is a swashbuckling RPG built to reflect the high-flying action of swashbucklers on the silver screen. Find out more at www.bashrpg.com/HonorIntrigue.html

This was a tabletop game set in 1651 France, where we played a mix of French musketeers and English pirates out to help the French crown. (....) I played Elizabeth Greene - an English pirate rebel (against Cromwell).




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