AmberCon NorthWest 2012

         This was my eigth straight year going to AmberCon NorthWest (ACNW), my favorite American convention. This year there was again an increase in number of people - including a number of newcomers. My full list of events were:

Slot #1: Nine Princes in Onyx

GM John Kim
Thursday - 7pm to midnight


Slot #2: Another Day, Another Dollar... in Amber?

GM Zephy McKanna
Friday - 9am to 1pm

This was an unusual game played sort of as a competitive Amber game, where the PCs were all staff at an software firm in an unusual reality. There was a bit of surrealism in it, mixed with both Amber style intrigue and the usual evils of office work. The players and their characters were:

We eventually discovered that it was a strange Amber-ish reality.

Slot #3: Amber in Space!

GM Felicity Shoulders
Friday - 2pm to 6:30pm


Slot #4: Dread - The Seige

GM Ben Bernard
Friday - 8pm to midnight

My first straight game using the Dread system was used the background of the humorous sci-fi dystopia game Paranoia. This was a hostage drama, closer to the horror movie origin of Dread but arguably closer. (....)

Slot #5: The Power And The Glory

GM Ben Lehman, Julian Morley, Yi-Mei Chng
Saturday - 9am to 4:30pm

A long and big larp, where the Amberites in an old alternate timeline fought off an assault by Chaos. (....)

Slot #6: Playtest: Guns and Glamour

GM Mickey Schulz
Saturday - 7pm to midnight


Slot #7: Every Meal a Banquet

GM John Kim
Sunday - 10am to 4:30pm





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