Sometime in the 30s super-powered men and women made themselves known. They had modest abilities, but they made themselves felt through out the world.

During the 40s governments everywhere started to recruit powered beings for special units. The governments all over the world ran experiments to create these super-beings. Many service people volunteered or were volunteered for these experiments. Many of the most powerful beings of the era came from these experiments. Folks like UberMan, and Major Victory came from these experiments. The war was won with the efforts of the common soldiers, for there were always far, far more regular army people than there ever were of the superheroes. Also during this era many of the capes stayed home to defend the home front.

During the 50s Britain's Grail Knight retired. Rumors started about who the man who called himself Major Victory really was. UNTIL received it's charter. It was a decade of recovery from the war, of prosperity and of prejudice.

During the 60s the Promethians became the first super-team. They worked mostly in the background so they never received much notoriety. The Champions were in the spotlight of the media much more and received the bulk of the attention.

The 70s and 80s were the silver age of the superhero. The public became more used to the fact that there were beings that were much more powerful. Many hero and villain fan clubs sprung up as the adventures of the capes became legend.

During the 90s many of the heroic paragons showed their feet of clay. Many of the heros of WW II showed their humanity by getting involved with groups that were out for world domination. Many heroes went underground during this difficult era. Some heros had become involved with the Invisible Empire. The Guard rooted out elements of the neo-Nazi Group The Axis from it's ranks. In 1995 the SF Bay Area is devastated by a humongous Earthquake. The superheroes helped dig the survivors out of the rubble and later helped rebuild much of the damaged bridges and other infrastructure. Later the mayor of San Francisco re-incorporates the Bay Area as one city renamed Bay City. The Arcadian Academy opened to teach young paranormals how to deal with their powers.

In October of 1999 a new supervillan named the Proprietor made himself known by teaming up with Eurostar, the Assassinos and many others and took control of the Ukraine. On Oct 22nd 1999 an international group of superheroes joined together to defeat this menace once and for all. Once they all arrived they found a trap. The Proprietor erected a huge dome of energy 7 miles in Diameter around the battleground. The energies of the dome enhanced healing making the battle much more brutal as heros grew desperate to defeat their foe.

On January 1, 2000, The Proprietor is defeated and the energies unleashed kill all of the heroes in the dome.

The campaign starts in January of 2001.