The Infinite Justice League

     The Infinite Justice League consists of:

A flying superheroine with gravity control powers, including invisibility and density increase as well as various beams.
Silver Dragon
An ex-policeman transformed into a large dragon by the mystic energies of the Wildstrike.
Rainbow Warrior
A hippy magician with a wide variety of spells.
A cyborg superheroine capable of creating gates in spacetime, the daughter of a famous old superhero named Fortune.

The Base

     The team has a secret underground base at the west end of San Francisco. This is the former headquarters of a superhero team named "Nightwatch", headed by Fury's father Fortune. It is a high-tech base with advanced laboratories, robotic medical facilities, and an AI computer.

     There are five entrances/exits to the base: one to the pizza parlor owned and operated by Fury, one to a grove of trees in the park, one to the caverns, one to a coffee shop, and an elevator up to the apartment complex above.



A dwarf who was hired by the group after they rescued him from an unseelie group of demons in a Panstar facility. He has the ability to shape metal.
Major Claudia McTiernan
The official liaison from the Guard to the team, an agent on loan to the Guard from UNTIL.
The base's AI computer.

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