The House Rules Series

         This is my first idea for a BtVS RPG campaign, entitled "House Rules". It is set around the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. In the series, the house is a dimensional nexus, though it is not inherently evil like Sunnydale's Hellmouth. The series concept is of a group of friends who are living as roommates in the interdimensional house. Rather than being about high school life, it is instead about 20-something communal living. Where the original Buffy series is a supernatural twist on 90210, this would be a supernatural twist on Friends.

         Since they live in an overtly supernatural place, the characters may start as more of a collection of freaks compared to the original series, where Willow and Xander were mostly normal kids.

The House

         Winchester Mystery House is a real-world place. It is a bizarre mansion started in 1884 by the eccentric widow Sarah Winchester who had inherited the Winchester rifle fortune. In the game, it is a dimensional nexus -- a house which crosses over into a host of odd places.

         However, the House is actually a good magical force. While it connects to many dimensions where evil things are, the House is (almost) always safe. Indeed, it is the magical power of the house which makes it of vital importance that there are good people living there to see that it is not misused.


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