The Slayerbot Series

         This was my second idea for a BtVS RPG campaign -- which I expanded out as a test of the system and its possibilities. I haven't run a continuing campaign based on it, but I have been using it as the basis for a one-shot personal playtest of the system, and two convention events that I ran. The two convention events thus far were "New Girl in Class" at ConQuest 2003, and "Slay Around the Clock" at ConQuest 2004. I have a third one planned: "Split Decision".

         The defining character of the campaign is Barbara Dixon, a girl from 1959 reincarnated by accident into an android body in modern-day Santa Cruz. The sound bite intro would be -- a good 1950's Jersey girl who finds herself in a robot body in a town of tatooed weirdos, vegetarians, and worse -- and those are the normal citizens (!). My original vision was of a spinoff series similar to Buffy, but drawing more on 1950's sci-fi horror films like "Them!" and "The Thing From Outer Space", and less on the classic vampire/werewolf flicks.

Series Concept
More on the themes and ideas behind this "series".
Player Characters
The Main Cast for this series.
Past Events/Episodes
The past one-shots / convention events which I have run using this.
Upcoming Events
The upcoming events I plan for this series.

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