Buffy Play Aids

         This is my collection of useful stuff for the Buffy RPG -- including aid for rules, spells, and so forth.

Quality/Drawback Sheet in HTML and PDF.
A single-page summary of Qualities and Drawbacks, which separates them into Qualities, Drawbacks, and Combination Qualities (such as Slayer, Vampire, Jock, and Artist). This includes ones from The Slayer's Handbook (marked SH) and The Magic Box (marked MB).
Maneuvers Sheet in HTML and PDF.
A table of maneuvers that fits on a single sheet for reference, with some additional information compared to the two-page table in the core rulebook.
Maneuvers & Compications in MSWord and PDF.
This is a rules extension by David Williams -- a three-page summary which describes the basic maneuvers as well as some new maneuvers.
Rules Summary Page
This is a link to the BBC Cult page which has a single-file summary of the BtVS rules, very useful as a reference.


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