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Eden Studios BtVS RPG Links

Eden Studios Buffy RPG Community Page
This has links to other Buffy fan sites, the Buffy RPG discussion boards, and to the Eden Studios resources for the game.
Eden Studios Player Registry
For finding other Buffy players in your area.
BBC Cult BtVS RPG page
This includes a complete adventure and an extensive summary of the rules.
Official Erratta and FAQs
Core Book Errata & Core Book FAQ
Magic Box Errata & Magic Box FAQ
Monster Smackdown Errata
Slayers Handbook Errata
Redesigning Buffy by Ian O'Rourke
Design notes for a campaign set in the UK at a fictional university town kin to Oxford or Cambridge.
Alex Baker's "City of Dreams" Site
With characters and episodes from a campaign set in Port Townsend, Washington.
Dave Blewer's Buffy RPG Page
With a PDF maneuver sheet, and selected new Qualities, Drawbacks, and other stuff.
Cory's Buffy RPG Site
This includes several new archetypes, qualities, and drawbacks.
KillerWhale's Buffy RPG site
With fonts, characters, and other content.
Neil Gow's "Slaying Days" Campaign
With characters and episode summaries from a campaign set in Westhampton, England.
Nick's Buffy RPG site
With characters and episode summaries from a campaign set in the fictional "Pleasantville", Wisconsin.
Robbie's Buffy RPG
Includes a demo scenario with map of The Magic Box, and alternate character sheets.
Sparky's Buffy RPG
With various collected downloads, including blank character sheets and characters.
Zombie Lord's Buffy RPG Page
With new spells and monster additions.
BtVS "Getting Medieval" Site
With a number of spells and characters.
Natalie The Vampire Slayer
Randall Lily's Buffy RPG campaign set in Huntington, West Virginia.
Thirty Buffy Episodes Based On Thirty Elvis #1s
Steve Darlington's ideas for Buffy episodes.
Maddman75's "The Watcher's Diaries"
With some house rules (New Drama Point Uses, Expanding Art, Expanding Influence, Four-stage Werewolf qualities, Demon Power Costs, and Holy Water); along with characters and archetypes.
Blackstone: The Series
A campaign website of a series set in the fictitious town of Blackstone, Texas - with a witch, his brother, and a souled vampire.

Other Buffy-related RPG Links

         These are other, unofficial role-playing games which are based on BtVS, all predating the official game from Eden Studios. There is various material there which may be of use for people running the official RPG.

FUDGE: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
An adaptation by Michael S. Gentry to the FUDGE system, including research, magic, and special Gloom rules. Around 25 pages in HTML format.
d6 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
An adaptation by by Michael Lynes to WEG's D6 classic system. This includes all the basics for D6 gaming, character templates, magic rules, equipment and some basic monster stats. Around 40 pages in HTML format.
Slayer: Roleplaying in the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
An adaptation using homebrew rules similar to White Wolf's Storyteller system. It is 44 pages in eFax format.
WebWarlock's "The Other Side" Site
A site dedicated to looking at witchcraft in various RPGs, including adaptations of Willow and Tara to multiple systems and extensive character notes.
Sunnydale Sock Puppet Theater
An online freeform RPG of a sort consisting of simulated blog entries for characters from the Buffy and Angel series.

BtVS Series Links

Official Buffy the Vampire Slayer Website (UPN)
The official site from UPN, which includes background, some brief episode descriptions, and lots of pictures.
A site with episode summaries, transcripts, trailers, and image captures for all the Buffy and Angel episodes.
A site with hyperlinked and searchable information about all the Buffy episodes. It has transcripts but not summaries or trailers, but it does have hyperlinked cast, writer/director, and character information.
City of Angel
An unofficial site which has extensive tabulations of characters, creatures, and other information on the Angel series.
All Thing Philosophical on BtVS and Angel
A compendium of allthings mystical, good, and evil in the Buffyverse.
A Buffy Confession by Justine Larbalestier
Some analysis of the Buffy series by feminist scholar and author of "The Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction".
Encyclopedia of Buffy Studies
A reference site on the Buffyverse, which is ambitious but unfortunately not well filled in.
Jenoff's Buffy/Angel TV Reviews
A set of plot summaries and reviews of each Angel & Buffy episode.


FilmForce Interview with Joss Whedon
A very extensive interview with the creator of the series, with discussion of Season Seven (pages 7-9).
Encyclopedia Mythica
This site is like an old school bestiary, with mythological monsters, heros, and gods.
Actress Pictures
Actor Pictures
iStockphoto.com - royalty free stock photography community
Artists recommended for Buffy campaigns:
Storn Cook
Nuadha's Champions Characters (illustrated by Storn Cook)
Matt Rhodes
Yoshitaka Amano
Wendy Strang-Frost
Cody Collins


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