Williamsburg Kindred Society

         The Kindred of Williamsburg are uniquely organized. The tradition within the Camarilla is a strict hierarchy: at the top is a single Prince, balanced by the "council" of the elders of each clan. In Williamsburg, there is a single Lieutenant-Governor but most others are technically equals as represented in the House of Burgesses.

         Clan lines have far less meaning in Williamsburg than they do elsewhere, but to the extent that they do, it is Brujah who have the power. In most games, Brujah are cast as warrior punks and rabble-rousers. In Williamsburg, though, it is the intellectual branch of the Brujah who hold sway.

         The Kindred within Williamsburg can be broken into citizens and visitors, all of whom are under the rule of the House of Burgesses. All citizens are technically equal, although those who are blood-bonded are not currently allowed to vote. They can debate in House sessions, but they only vote through their bond partner.

         All citizens are defended by the law, and further have a duty to train and fight in the militia.

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