Kindred of Williamsburg

What follows are descriptions of the individual Kindred of Williamsburg, in alphabetical order by last name.

Peter Randolph (Lieutenant-Governor)
The nominal "Prince" of Williamsburg, Randolph has a rebellious mind linked with a conservative soul. He is devotedly attached to his aristocratic values, but is receptive to the ideas of the majority. He is of the Ventrue clan, in medium standing with clan elders despite the irregularities of Williamsburg.
In government, his role is first of all as the spokesman to other Camarilla communities.
Born in 1590 England, he was a staunch cavalier in the civil war who was brought over by Ventrue who were impressed by his elitism. Since then, however, he has had regrets over his philosophy. Currently he views himself as an enlightened leader. He is thoughtful, civil, and persuasive -- but is not visionary and knows it.
William Waddill Geddy (Coroner)
Born in America circa 1720. He was a historian/scholar who documented the American Revolution, and was soon brought over by the Brujah.
Geddy holds no official position and does not sway many votes, but nonetheless is a pivotal figure in Williamsburg. He is a scientist and scholar, and the chief coroner of Williamsburg Hospital. He is obsessed with developing artificial blood.
Geddy has been invaluable in organizing and outfitting the militia. He has also by action been the first in defending the precious freedoms.

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