Noriko Yuki

(Played by Joshua Macy)


Plaid skirt, white socks, white blouse, blue vest, shoes, undergarments.
?? Ski hat, down jacket, gloves, boots, scarf.
Silver necklace, charm bracelet, watch, sunglasses.


Pikachu plush toy (attached outside)
swimsuit and cap and goggles in ziplock bag
3-subject notebook: English/American History/Trigonometry
Trigonometry textbook
Huck Finn by Mark Twain
Palm Pilot III
Pencil case with mechanical pencil, refills, eraser, and 3 uniball micro pens (black, blue, red)
Vol 13 Dr. Slump (Japanese comic book)
Sheet music for Guys and Dolls
English-Japanese pocket dictionary
Change purse with $3.10 in assorted coin, $40 in bill fold, library card, and phone card
Nailclippers/file, lip balm, 2 barrettes, 1 pocket kleenex, keys

Gym bag:

Rattan practice sword
Wooden practice sword
movingguard in case

Kate Rosen

(Played by Liz Henry)



Marin Casio

(Played by Russell)


Denim jeans, pull-over shirt, leather boots, thick socks, long johns, underwear.
?? Ski hat, down jacket, gloves.
Watch (waterproof, digital, and usual features)
Swiss army knife
Roman silver coin worn on chain (good luck piece)
Pocket change, Bic pens


Sweatpants, t-shirt
Wallet (see below)
Pocket calculator
English and History textbooks
Life in Ancient Greece
Sketch pad
Notebook - random subjects intermingled
The Collosus of Rhodes by L. Sprague de Camp
Small tape recorder
Pocket Boggle
Leftovers from lunch
Empty water bottle


Library card, museum membership, bus pass, (more?)
Business cards of parents and parents' friends
$20 bill emergency money
Photos: parents, some Israeli friends, Israeli landscape
Note from Mom with address and emergency contact info

Steve Sand

(Played by Michael LeFebre)


Heavy wool coat, scarf
Green sweater, blue jeans, converse all stars
Digital wrist watch
Handwarmer filled with lighter fuel, matches


Lucky charm / small silver necklace with pentagram
Book: _Nine Princes in Amber_
Comic books: blackjack#!/Ec comics - tales from the crypt
Drawing pad/book
Drawing pencil, eraser, technical pen
Yo-yo - green lightup duncan butterfly
Deck of cards
Coin trick / half dollar and english penny
Pocket chess set
Book: _How to play the Sicillian_
School books: Math / social studies / school notebook
Gameboy, color.

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