Vinlander Religion


         The Vinlander religion is a rather odd mix. Many settlers had accepted Christianity. However, with almost no contact with the organized church, their view of Christianity diverged sharply. In practice their religion is much like traditional Nordic worship with syncretic bits of Christianity thrown in. Prayers to Thor and to Christ are mixed pretty freely.


Worship and Ceremonies

         Worship can be divided between public and private. Public worship is mainly limited to three seasonal ceremonials, which are held at the thing meetings (see the law section). There is one in the spring, one at midsummer, and one in the fall. These are lead by nominal priests known as godi (plural godar). These festivals generally include a sacrifice of animals and ritual feasting.

         Private worship is usually more involved. This reveres the saints along with the Alfar, Vanir, and other spirits. The private worship is most often guided by the local volva, or wise woman.

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