Vikings & Skraelings Links

Norse History & Culture

The Viking Answer Lady
An excellent site for collected information and speculation on viking culture. It includes in particular an essay on "Women & Magic in the Sagas", which I have used for the magic system.
Regia Anglorum: Wichamstow Village
A living history museum in England of the viking period, which includes a number of articles on day-to-day life such as "Pastimes of the Vikings".
Hurstwic's "Viking Age History"
A viking living history society in New England, which maintains a number of articles on viking life.
Northvegr's "Northern European Studies"
A host of complete books including many sagas in English put online by a Norse pagan group.
Vikingsaga PBEM Campaign
A long-running Play-by-Email RPG campaign set in 884, with a number of links as well as inspirational ideas.
Lexicon of Kennings
Hundreds of Norse poetic phrases for battle, swords, and other things -- grouped by topic.
Iceland's Althing History
A brief article on the history of the Althing and Thingvellir.
Viking Heritage Magazine
A general site for a subscription magazine on Viking history.
Medieval Economics
Peter Corless' Pendragon Holdings Essay
Kenneth Hodges' Medieval Prices
The Online Guide to Vikings
A collection of links on various Viking topics.

Speculation about the Vinland Colony

         Here I focus on the more fanciful and intriguing (though unlikely) speculations on the historical Vinland colonies.

Seeking Vinland
An intriguing site devoted to a particular argument that the Vinland settlement was around Cape Cod and Rhode Island, and that the Narragansett tribes were partly descended from Nordic colonists.
Hurstwic's "Speculation and Wishful Thinking"
This is a summary of various claims of Norse artifacts in the New England area -- all rather bogus.
The Kensington Runestone
An almost certainly fictional inscribed found in Minnesota, which records it having been set in 1362 by 8 Goths and 22 Norwegians.
The Smithsonian's "Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga"
A museum exhibit with an animated intro and maps, focussing on the L'Anse Aux Meadows find.
Vinland Narratives Summary
A footnoted text of the complete Vinland sagas.
Athena Review 1,3: The Vikings in Vinland
A brief article giving an overview of the more factual evidence.
The Viking Trail
General information on the region of Newfoundland around L'Anse Aux Meadows (which has the only substantial archeological claim).
Vikings in the New World
A brief summary of various claims.

Northeastern Native Americans

First Nations Histories
An selection of comprehensive articles organized by tribe.
The Jesuit Relations
Primary texts of early first contact with natives by Jesuit missionaries.
Specific Tribal Information
Lenni Lenape
The New Jersey Devil 1, The New Jersey Devil 2, The New Jersey Devil 3.


National Atlas of the United States
A very handy tool which allows creating geographic-only maps of any part of the U.S. There is only limited resolution, however.
Historical Map Web Sites
A collection of historical maps, useful for finding period maps of the New York / New England region.
USGS Map Ordering
Unfortunately, this is quite laborious.
Local Image Directory
The local directory where I keep a number of images and maps.

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