31. Chasing Red-axe Raiders

         The session begins picking up on what Thorgerd and Arnor had been doing while the others appealed the Mohican council of sachems.

         The session begins with the group setting off to chase after the Red-axe band who had raided a Mohican village to the south. Two war bands are gathered: one lead by Achak, and one by Rowtag. The Vinlanders naturally join Rowtag's band, and they head with him south to the site of the attack. Meanwhile, Achak's band is heading west along the Mohawk river, attempting to cut off the band's most likely path of return to their own territory.

         While headed south to the village which was raided, the longship sights a canoe with Thorgerd and Arnor. They are quickly filled in on the situation, but they did not see any unusual activity coming north. It appears that the Red-axe band went off the Oddson's river onto lesser waterways. Consulting with Rowtag, they agree to split up the warband to maximize the chance of finding the raiders.

         Going up Catskill Creek, the Vinlanders come near to a tall peak. They decide to climb the peak and survey the area, both to look for signs of the Red-axe band and to see where the creek goes. From there, they can see a band of natives in canoes to the Northwest who may be Red-axes. They are on another creek which is heading North, but there may be a connection or portage point further along the creek they are on (Catskill Creek). As they are surveying the land for a passage to there, Thorgerd (?) notices a Vinlander man wandering on the slope of the peak they are on.

         The man is a blonde-haired man dressed in rather shoddy Lagakin style clothes. He seems somewhat bewildered, but seems to be making his way east. When the band call to him, he approaches and introduces himself as Hrapp Vignirsson. He says that he has been wandering in the mountains for a week after running into a strange group of natives. He tells his story:

He had lived in Ormsholt, a small stead across the Hudson from where Catskill Creek empties. One day, he had gone up into the Catskill mountains to hunt. There he encountered a strange Lagakin man carrying a roasted venison. He followed him through the cleft into the amphitheater-like hollow, where the natives played lacrosse but with serious expressions and rolls of thunder. He got lost returning and three times returned to the hollow, whereupon the passage out was blocked. He then went into a cave and eventually found an exit.

         They tell him that the Mohicans are now their allies and that there is no homestead where he speaks of. He is skeptical of their claims, but agrees to go with them.

         They then proceed up the Catskill Creek, and find a spot to portage the longship over to the other creek on which they spotted the war band. As evening approaches they continue down that creek only to run into some of Achak's braves. They have not seen anyone. The Vinlanders then backtrack and find that the Red-axes dragged their canoes ashore and were continuing on foot. They decide to press into the night to chase them.

         The Vinlanders along with Achak's braves spread out in a long line to press forwards through the woods to find the Red-axes. A few hours after sunset, Thorgerd and Arnor successfully run into a group of twelve raiders who ambush them. The others in the line quickly converge on the fight, but several people were wounded. Thorgerd and Arnor were wounded, but not grievously. Poul disarmed four (?) of the braves with his shield. In the end, five were captured.

         Other of Rowtag's warbands also ran into such skirmishes. None of the captives were recovered from the main Red-axe group, but they won great victories such as this one against the rear guard. Upon returning to the Mohican stronghold, it was soon clear that Rowtag was to be chosen as the new grand sachem. Within two days the council announced this. Rowtag then prepared gifts for the Vinlanders who had helped him.

  1. No Wyrd cards were played this session.

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