25. Making Peace with the Narragansett

         The band of Brygjafaelers begin travelling with a band of eight Narragansett warriors, who are escorting them to Pettaquamscutt. They notice that the warriors seem to be expecting to see someone. However, as it turns out the reinforcements they were expecting did not show up. They march southeast until they come upon Greenwich Bay just south of their village. As they look out on the bay they can spot a large group of canoes heading South. The Narragansett leader Matwau signals the canoes, and they approach. As they draw near, they can see that there are white men travelling with them in the canoes, who do not look like prisoners. However, it is not until they draw up that they recognize the leader as Agnar -- the nephew of the Earl whom Skallagrim had fought with.

         As soon as he recognizes them, Agnar tells out (in Norse) that they are spies for the Earl. The Narragansett from the canoes surround the Brygjafaelers and demand their surrender. There are eighteen warriors in the canoes along with the dozen men of Matwau's. However, the Brygjafaelers are mounted. It is soon clear that Agnar is betraying the Earl to the Narragansett, making a deal which will put his own father on the throne. There is a face-off, but Kjartan intercedes, going to the Narragansett leader and offers his sword as a sign of good faith. The others of the party refuse to turn over their weapons, but over the protests of Agnar they march with the Brygjafaelers south to Pettaquamscutt where their fates will be decided.

         For the remainder of the day, they march into the heart of Narragansett territory to a village on Bonnet Shores. They are ordered into a hut with their horses to be kept outside, while the elders discuss the situation.

         That night, Silksif spoke in dreams with a buowin of the tribe, a man named Eluwilussit. He told her that he believed their story as did many others. However, the fortunes of war were that all thought it more profitable to ally with the nephew Agnar and thus depose Thorvald. They viewed that this would benefit the tribe. However, he agreed to visit them early in the morning to see if there was anything he could do.

         In the early morning when Eluwilussit came to visit, they took a long shot and informed him of the promised duel between Skallagrim and Agnar. The buowin seemed doubtful, but then he felt Poul's sword upon which Agnar had sworn his oath and was convinced. He then left and went to the elders to inform them of this.

         The Narragansett then brought out the prisoners. The sachem Aranck made a speech (in Lagakin, of course) where he informed them that to satisfy honor a duel must be fought. They would take the results of the duel to be a sign for their final decision. The uncomprehending Agnar was then pushed into the circle to face Skallagrim the Dark. In an extraordinary show of skill, Skallagrim rushed the youth and took off his head with a single swing. Several seconds later (allowing for disbelief), a shout of admiration rose among the Narragansetts.

         The sachem agreed to keep Agnar's men as replacements for the captives Busla and Swanhild who they would turn over to the party. The group then made its way back to Hvalrik to announce the results. Two days later, they met in private with the Earl and informed him of Agnar's treachery. Thorvald was deeply troubled by this, as it forced him to take action against his own brother. They also advise him on meeting with the Narragansett to air their differences and establish relations.

         The Brygjafaelers then return to Camrik, where they spend the next three weeks. Poul works with Hrut to forge the brother to the sword Oath-Binder. The sword is forged three times, having broken on the first two tests, and Hrut dubs Bond-Breaker to commemorate the rescue of Busla.

         After those three weeks, they depart Hvalrik to return back to their homes. Marie sweetly says goodbye to Silksif and promises to come to next year's Althing in the Commonwealth.

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