10. Sacking a Village

     The grand sachem Abooksigun calls the Vinlanders back, and says that he approves of their plans. He says that he will grant them 70 of his warriors who will go with them to seek out the Mohawk army which the Vinlanders encountered the previous week.

     In practice, the Vinlanders are joined by 140 of Rowtag's forces, the Pequot ("The Destroyers"). They begin by heading west along the Mohawk river seeking the withdrawing army.

     Along the way, their scouts spot some redaxes and they capture 4 braves in a fight. However, they do not see any sign of the larger force. Rowtag and Poul jointly agree to instead continue west and raid a Mohawk village, thus bringing the fight to the enemy.

     The scouts spot a village around midday, which is protected by a palisade and earthworkds. They decide to use the fair weather to sail in at full speed in the afternoon and rely on speed to catch the villagers unprepared. They beach the longships by the village and four horsemen race for the gates. Two founder getting off the ships, but Thorfinn and Arnor ride to the gates, kill the guards and continue into the village to stir up confusion. They ride to the center of town and attack a crazed figure in a hideous mask. Arnor wounds him in the first ride-by, while Thorfinn kills him. As he spins and collapses from the wound, he locks eyes with Thorfinn and pronounces several mysterious words.

     The remainder of the troops piling in make short work of the village. Just after riding in, Brom has a riding mishap and falls into a wigwam. He ignores the woman there and is stabbed from behind, but the stab is turned by his armor. He throws the woman into the street and claims her as his prisoner. This incident prompts scorn from Kjartan, at which Brom demands satisfaction. They hold an impromptu wrestling match which Brom wins, but the grudge between the two continues.

     Afterwards the armies divide up spoils and prisoners. Lofthaena, who has been eavesdropping on the prisoners for the past week, offers to try to translate for Poul who wishes to talk to someone about his son. That night, he meets with the matriarch of the village and bargains with her for information about his son. She drives a hard bargain and asks him many difficult questions, and intent on getting the information he grants her portions of the spoils and safe passage. She informs him that the white-haired child was taken by a daughter of the Onondaga leader, Hiawatha.

     With that, the force returns to Mohican stronghold with their spoils. Upon returning, Abooksigun is certainly displeased with the results of the raid, since they failed to attack the enemy army which threatens his people and further drew off more warriors than he had authorized. Poul appeases him with a fair speech as well as gifts from the raid.

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