4. The Westfold Thing

     The Westfold Thing is held at Viskatjorn (Fishkill), about a day's journey upriver from Bryggjafael. The Eastfold Thing is held at Hvitavellir (White Plains) at the same time. The Bryggjafael clan goes is much of its family there, including Aud.

     Early on, Poul notices Metinwa and others of the Tappan tribe are there. He senses that they are hiding something, and goes to speak with them. After speaking at length, he finds that they are still set upon revenge, and indeed have spent much to invest in iron weaponry from holts in Raudarbank.

     During the second day of the Thing, Grim of Brattahaeth publically announces that he is dropping his charge from many years ago of witchcraft against Thord, father of Thorfinn. Thorfinn is called upon to speak, and rather hesitatingly says a few scornful words. At this, his cousing Kjartan steps in and loudly speaks the praises of Grim for his truthfulness. This is held to be a rather clever bite at Grim, by implying that his earlier charges were false rather than simply mistaken.

     That evening, Vigfus the Proud comes to visit the Bryggjafael camp along with his daughter Borgny the Sharp-tongued and his son Ketil the Stout. He was the judge at Thord's trial fifteen years ago, and is a respected man living at Groenholt on Manhattan island. Over dinner, he announces his apologies to Thorfinn and gives him the gift of a very well-wrought sword. Vigfus praises Thorfinn and says that he would be a fine match for any of his granddaughters.

     After dinner, Borgny finds Thorfinn and whispers to him that Vigfus would like to meet him in private. First, Thorfinn goes to speak with his grandmother Aud and manages to say that he does not wish to marry Katrina Tostisdotter. He then goes on to meet Vigfus at his camp.

     Vigfus tells him in confidence that a key factor that made him judge Thord as guilty was secret evidence provided to him by Gest of Tjaraholt. Gest had told him that Herdis and her daughters (including Thord's wife Katla) were known within his clan as sorceresses.

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